Smiles all round as International Day of Happiness comes to Cogenhoe Primary School

Children have been writing letters to their class mates who make them feel happy in a bid to spread extra cheer throughout their school this week.
Representatives from school council.Representatives from school council.
Representatives from school council.

The pupils and staff at Cogenhoe Primary School have been inspired by International Day of Happiness (today) but they have extended their efforts to make one another more cheerful throughout the entire week. Sheena Tanna-Shah, of Inspiring Success, who qualified as a neurolinguistics practitioner eight years ago, has been leading the happy activities this week along with Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) lead Rebecca Reeve. Sheena said: "With one-in-10 children having a diagnosed mental health issue I'm very passionate about prevention before cure. Everyone has different things they feel happy about but everyone should have something to feel happy about. Happiness is a state not a trait so it's about finding out what brings us joy and why." The children have this week been writing letters to one another who make them feel happy, delivering and receiving random acts of kindness and writing in their own gratitude journal. Teachers have been swapping classes for one hour this week, delivering a happy session - one was creative origami - and practising mindfulness and meditation. The theme this year is 'Happier Together'. Sheena added: "Being happy is infectious, the more you feel it the more you spread it. I've been delivering little gifts to every year group in the school and also the office and support team today simply to show even as a parent we appreciate all they do."