Second defendant in Northampton pub kidnap and rape case denies 'imprisoning' alleged victim in car

One of two Northampton men charged with allegedly kidnapping a woman from outside a pub and raping her say they were "tempted" into consensual sex by "the signs she gave" when she climbed in their car.

Friday, 1st June 2018, 8:05 am
Updated Monday, 18th June 2018, 11:53 pm
A woman claims she was kidnapped from outside the Charles Bradlaugh pub and raped.

Adam Dusza, 27, and Sebastian Foit, 23, are on trial at Northampton Crown Court after the alleged attack in October, which began outside the Charles Bradlaugh pub.

Yesterday (May 31), Foit took the stand to reassert his co-defendant's claims they had had consensual sex with the woman.

But prosecutor Mr Robert Underwood QC has hit back to say he was "adjusting" his story to reflect Dusza's testimony, which he heard when Dusza took the stand on Wednesday.

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Dusza and Foit area standing trial for kidnap and rape at Northampton Crown Court.

Foit told the jury: "She said hello through the passenger window and climbed in... we asked her what she was doing. She responded by accosting us and pulling us and flirting with us."

"Are you just repeating and adapting what Mr Dusza said yesterday?" said Mr Underwood.

Foit said: "I'm adapting to the truth."

The victim has told the court she became separated from her friends on the night and climbed into what she thought was a taxi. She was then allegedly driven away, raped, and "dumped" on the Racecourse.

Dusza and Foit claim they had consensual sex with the woman.

Mr Underwood said: "You conned her into thinking you were a taxi and that you were taking her to [her home]."

Foit replied: "We did not con her. We did not tell her we would take her anywhere."I did not take advantage of that girl and I did not know she was drunk."

"Did you ask her name?" said Mr Underwood. "Where she lived? What she had done that night?"

"No," replied Foit.

"You had her imprisoned in the back of the car," said Mr Underwood.

"You are mistaken," said Foit.

The trial continues.