Reverend Richard Coles praises 'hero' partner for rescuing man from flipped car

Reverend Richard ColesReverend Richard Coles
Reverend Richard Coles
Northamptonshire vicar Richard Coles took to Twitter to praise his partner, the Rev David Coles, who freed a man from an overturned car on the A45.

David Coles was on his way to see his partner installed as University of Northampton chancellor when he drew on his experience as a trauma nurse to smash the car's windscreen and save the man from the fuel-leaking car.

"What Rev David Coles is not saying is that after witnessing a crash on the A45 this morning he smashed the windscreen to get to a badly injured man who he assessed for neck injuries and then pulled out of his upside-down car because there was fuel leaking," wrote Richard Coles on Twitter on Tuesday.

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"That's why he was a little late for my installation #hero."

The installation ceremony was the vicar's formal unveiling as chancellor, having been appointed to the role earlier this year.

Northamptonshire Police and East Midlands Ambulance Service confirmed a man had been taken to hospital following a single-vehicle accident on the A45 at about 10:45 on July 18.

Richard Coles is the vicar of St Mary's Church in Finedon.