Residents in Kingsthorpe plan to break away from town's council

A residents' association has applied to establish a parish council for Kingsthorpe.

Thursday, 23rd May 2019, 10:32 am
Proposed boundaries of Kingsthorpe Parish Council

Whitehills and Spring Park Residents' Association (WASPRA) has represented the area over several high profile issues in recent years, including congestion on the A508 and the planned relief road.

It has now applied to create a parish council with separate local powers from Northampton town council, which is set to come into being in 2021. The parish council would control Obelisk Ward, Sunnyside Ward, St David's Ward, Kingsthorpe Ward and Spring Park Ward.

In a council document, co-chair of WASPRA Sean Brady said: "We have communicated with residents, and sought feedback on the subject of a Parish.

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"We are confident that the general feeling amongst residents is that a parish would offer a focus on the Kingsthorpe area that a larger form of Northampton Council could not.

"It would be run by fellow residents who have experience across the board in community matters, and who are in touch with the concerns and needs of Kingsthorpe."

WASPRA have been active in the Kingsthorpe area of Whitehills and Spring Park for over a decade.

Their proposal would see the parish area have a population of 16,020 voters who would initially each pay an extra 50 pence per week.

WASPRA have drawn up a list of objectives for its first year of operation. They include:

- Summer and Christmas festivals

- improvement of local parks

- coordinated neighbourhood watch schemes

- invest in the look of Kingsthorpe Front shopping area

- funding of full-time PCSO