Public cafe and gym could be given the go-ahead on a Northamptonshire business park

A business park could welcome a 'much needed' public cafe, gym and meeting room for the use of Northamptonshire workers

Saturday, 12th November 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:50 pm
Proposed two-storey building for Blisworth business park

An application is underway to approve a new two-storey building at Blisworth Hill Business Park on Stoke Road, which will play host to facilities to save employees venturing off site for lunch and meetings.

It is understood that the site is set to reduce traffic movements around the area as it will limit reasons for workers to leave the location.

In a neighbour response letter, a resident said: “The volume of traffic using Stoke Road is now at an unacceptable level for the residents. If the new facilities are to be restricted to use by the current occupants then yes it would reduce traffic movements on Stoke Road during the day and may even assist with staggering the peak hours traffic jams that occur in the centre of the village.

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“However, our fears are that in fact if the application is granted there will be no such restriction and it will result in a net increase of traffic using stoke road. There are no traffic improvements that could be implemented due to the location of the canal, so therefore it is the residents who will once again suffer the further impacts of the development.”

The site will host a small gym, which will only be open during normal office hours, is set to “promote health and wellbeing for employees of the business” and shower and changing facilities will be provided within a nearby WC area.

In a statement about the design of the site, David Cosby surveyors reported that: “It is our belief that the site is capable of accommodating this new building it’s appropriate in scale and location and respects the environment and character of the area.

“Traffic movements would arguably be reduced throughout the day and more sustainable overall.”

A meeting room and a new office are also proposed to be located on the existing business park.