Power cuts following manhole cover explosion in Northampton will affect at least 90 properties

Firefighters were called to the sceneFirefighters were called to the scene
Firefighters were called to the scene

Western Power have said that power will be cut to at least 90 properties in Northampton today as the company carry out repairs on a manhole cover that exploded this morning.

It has apologised for inconveniences that will be caused to the properties around Wellingborough Road and East Street, near Abington Park and has said that all power supplies will be switched back on by 4pm this afternoon.

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A spokesman for Western Power said: “There are currently 70 properties in Wellingborough Road and East Street without power and we expect half of them to be switched on again by 2pm, and the rest by 4pm. An additional 20 properties will have power switched off at around 1pm, also due to be switched back on by 4pm.

“We will continue working in the area beyond 4pm as we carry out the repairs. We have conducted it in stages so as to minimise disruption as much as possible, but we apologise to residents for any inconvenience caused.”

The incident happened this morning between 8-8.30am at an area around Bostock Avenue and Monks Park Road, following an electrical fault which blew the cover off a manhole. A section of Wellingborough Road was closed but as since reopened and police, fire and ambulance services attended the scene.

The police confirmed some minor damage was caused to a nearby newsagent. A spokesman said: “An ambulance also attended to treat a woman who had been walking in the area with two children when the cover flew into the air, but there were no serious injuries.”

The Western Power spokesman confirmed that the company had contacted the newsagant and are investigating the cause of the incident.

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