West Northants Council election 2021: Trade Union & Socialist Coalition campaign issues

A statement from Katie Simpson, from the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Tuesday, 4th May 2021, 11:38 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th May 2021, 11:46 am
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‘The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition are fielding five candidates in West Northamptonshire.

‘We’re standing on an anti-cuts platform. We reject the premise that the working class must pay for economic crises with austerity and the privatisation of our services.

‘TUSC candidates pledge, not just to vote against all cuts and council tax increases, but to campaign against them.

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‘We would work with local trade unions, activists and communities to create a zero cuts budget.

‘We would demand transparency of how public money is spent. We would call for a trade union and community led enquiry into the council’s recent bankruptcies.

‘Privatisation has not been good value for money for Northampton. TUSC would fight to bring privatised services back in house and end outsourcing of jobs and services.

‘We would campaign alongside teachers and students fighting academisation of their schools.

‘We would push the council to use the newly built up reserves to invest in an environmentally sustainable council house building and renovation project.

‘Northampton has hundreds of empty houses despite so many people being forced to live in cramped conditions. Northampton needs decent, affordable public transport. TUSC councillors would work with the local community to ensure these services are available through democratic planning.

‘TUSC councillors would stand shoulder to shoulder with workers in struggle. As key workers ourselves we recognise that an applause is nice, but it’s not enough.

‘TUSC candidates support the call for a 15% pay increase for NHS workers.

‘TUSC councillors would campaign for better public sector wages and conditions.

‘Covid-19 has exposed the weaknesses within this council. Cuts to services for some of our most vulnerable people prior to the lockdown left charities and community activists picking up the pieces. Local government has a duty to protect its citizens but has failed.

‘TUSC candidates understand that the economy is supposed to benefit society, not be used as an excuse for austerity.’