West Northants Council Election 2021: Liberal Democrats campaign issues

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A statement from the Liberal Democrat party in West Northants

‘Liberal Democrats are clear that key priorities for the new West Northamptonshire Council are to listen to voters and to build trust and confidence in the council.

‘Given recent history, with the county council failing to adequately provide its most basic and important services and effectively going bankrupt twice, this will be difficult.

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‘Trust is built by being honest about what can and cannot be done and then delivering the core services to a high standard at a reasonable cost.

‘The new council will be shackled by huge debts it has inherited so an early priority must be to establish effective financial controls. Boring but very necessary.

‘Then the most important services those affecting the lives of the elderly, vulnerable and children must be secured. Under the county council both adult social care and children’s services were starved of funds and failed some of the most vulnerable.

‘Commissioners took over the running of children’s services to prevent their collapse. These are not services that impact most of us. But, when we need them, you or your relatives need excellent care.

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‘Liberal Democrats are committed to protecting our environment and tackling the climate emergency.

‘Air quality is poor in our town centres. This impacts resident’s health so must be improved. Planning policy can be used to encourage the use of solar panels and other environmental improvements to our homes.

‘Improving the infrastructure for cycling encourages people to cycle more for short, regular trips while freeing road space for those who need to drive.

‘Of course, we need a programme to repair our potholed, patched and damaged roads and pavements.

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‘We need to build more homes for sale and for rent at affordable prices. New estates are controversial but the council must insist developers provide the facilities and infrastructure not just for the new residents but for the wider community so new developments enhance the area.

‘Finally, West Northamptonshire is a diverse area with many villages and rural areas. They need protecting without stifling all growth and development.

‘Not everyone can drive so better bus services and faster broadband connections are vital.’