This Northampton street has been dubbed the 'very worst' for fly-tipping following latest rogue rubbish dump

The fly-tip includes multiple mattresses, a pram, a shopping trolley, numerous bin bags

By Logan MacLeod
Monday, 23rd May 2022, 3:11 pm

A Northampton street has been dubbed “the very worst” for fly-tipping following its latest rogue rubbish dump.

Councillor Danielle Stone of the Castle ward, sent in a photo to Chronicle and Echo of a fly-tip in Charles Street, Mounts last week (May 16).

The fly-tip includes multiple mattresses, a pram, a shopping trolley, numerous bin bags.

The fly-tip in Charles Street

Councillor Stone said: "This residential street must be the very worst in Northampton. This is the latest in an outrageous weekly fly tip in this area.

"Councillors report it. Neighbours report it. It gets cleared but the culprits are not prosecuted. Why?"

West Northamptonshire Council's (WNC) member for environment, councillor Phil Larratt, responded to councillor Stone.

Councillor Larratt said: “Fly-tipping is deplorable as well as illegal in any environment, but to dump waste in the middle of a densely populated town centre street demonstrates a flagrant disregard for others.

"We must have evidence to prosecute, so I would ask that any member of the public who witnesses someone fly tipping that they report it immediately to WNC, and we will not hesitate to act.”

Councillor Stone, who links increased fly-tipping and the growing numbers of HiMOs, has been spearheading a campaign to bring in tighter regulations.

The councillor told this newspaper in April that the review of HiMO policy is “urgent”.

She said: "We are living daily with the impact of a loss of family homes, of transience, of gangs moving in. We all pay our taxes and we deserve better.

"We call on WNC to urgently conduct this review in consultation with local people."