Opinion: Why I am standing for Northampton North in the next General Election

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Since its creation in 1974, Northampton North has consistently elected candidates from the mainstream parties, candidates who are under their direct control and despite their rhetoric, they have very little room for free thinking, because they are constrained to toe the party line. It is the constituency that elects the candidates and therefore, the constituency could come before party.


Having been born and bred in Northampton, I have a passion for the town, and county alike.

Northampton North has always been divided along party lines, with no independent ever having gained enough votes to ensure the return of their deposit, let alone win a seat and this is a sad indictment of local politics and its effect on Northampton. Against all the odds, I am prepared to stand for what I believe in, free from the constraints of the ‘Party Whip’ he will have the opportunity to reflect the wishes of the constituency.

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Antony AntoniouAntony Antoniou
Antony Antoniou

With a long history of helping people in a wide range of matters and keeping busy on a daily basis, dealing with the constant stream of people who contact me for advice on all matters relating to property, I am happy to assist, buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords without prejudice or agenda.

As an independent, my scope to incite change will be limited, but as I fervently believe that those who are best qualified to make decisions for the everyday people, as the everyday people themselves, I would like to encourage independent candidates throughout the country to stand and speak up for what they believe in.

I have always been keen to voice my opinion and raise questions, either in writing on my website, or Social Media. The sheer number of people who contact me with questions and concerns, has indicated to me, that there are many people out there, who through no fault of their own, are suffering extreme anxiety, about their home, the cost of living and their ability to keep warm and feed their families.

Northampton North is not the ideal constituency for an independent, thus far, no independent has ever won a seat, or indeed, ever gained the required share of the total votes to ensure the return of their deposits, but I will not allow that to deter me. This mammoth task commences against all the odds, at a time when our nation is on its knees and I will be an individual attempting to make my voice heard amongst the two major parties, but if this allows me to raise important questions in the minds of the local electorate, if this will encourage other every day people to stand independently in their own constituencies, it will be worth it.

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I do intend to publish my position on all the matters that are of most concern to people, although my thoughts are clear and consistent as documented by the thousands of articles and videos that I have posted and received very encouraging feedback from my followers about.

We have recently witnessed the removal of a legally elected Prime Minister, by the party, then the following Prime Minister, who was at least elected by the party members, was without question, undermined by the Bank of England, who took steps that created the crisis in the money markets, before the famous budget that has been blamed for the state of the economy was even made public.

Agree or disagree, the previous Prime Minister, proceeded to implement the exact policies that she had promised the party members and once again, the Conservative party decided to unilaterally remove her from office and replace her with Rishi Sunak, who was clearly rejected by the electorate, this is undemocratic, arrogant and it has been damaging to confidence in our political system, our leaders and the entire democratic process.

What I stand for

I have been in property for decades, during which I have been at the ‘Coal-face’ of changes within the property market and the wider economy. I have frequently spoken out about the terrible planning for housing on a national scale, with the resulting years of mismanagement of the housing market being directly responsible for the current housing crisis.

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In forthcoming articles, I intend to document ‘on the record’ exactly where I stand on a wide range of issues.

  • The Rental Market
  • Social Housing
  • Private Landlords
  • Overseas Investment


  • Basic Rate
  • Higher Rate
  • Corporation Tax
  • Start-ups


  • Nuclear Energy
  • Renewable Energy
  • Fossil Fuels

The Environment – Net Zero

  • Ulez
  • Emissions
  • Domestic Energy Performance
  • Gas boilers/Heat Pumps
  • Plastic Pollution
  • Climate change


  • The Academic year
  • The pressure on parents
  • Hybrid Education
  • Vocational Career
  • Further Education
  • RQF (Regulated Qualification Framework.)


  • Illegal immigration
  • Legal immigration
  • Public opinion
  • The unity of our society

I do intend to have a clear and public position on all these issues, which I intend to publish over the next few weeks, however, I begin this journey with the unwavering determination to represent my constituency, should I be in the privileged position to do so. Despite the justified concerns that the public may have about the loyalties of MPs, I do not intend to be at the mercy of the ‘Party Whip’ as I am and always will be entirely independent.