LOCAL ELECTIONS 2021: The Alliance for Democracy and Freedom campaign issues

A statement from The Alliance for Democracy and Freedom

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 10:00 am
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A statement from The Alliance for Democracy and Freedom (Alliance):

'The Alliance for Democracy and Freedom (Alliance) is a centre sensible party formed to offer a real alternative at both local level and eventually national level.

'A grassroots movement to ensure the voices of the voting public are heard.

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'We are proud of our local wards, towns and cities and we want the people to know this.

'Suzanne Brogan is a local very successful business woman and wants to give back to her community.

'Her main issues are to improve policing which is being delivered in Northampton and hold the Police Crime Commissioner to account, the procurement policy for services by the council to improve value for money that will cut out waste, pothole road repair which would cut down on compensation claims, improve recycling to reduce waste.

'Finally, to campaign for free parking in town centres to improve footfall and improve support for local businesses.

'These issues are the main thrust of her campaign to be elected. It is imperative that the two party stranglehold on British politics is broken and Suzanne is just the person along with many others to start that process.

'A common sense approach to policies and the management of taxpayers, money with, value for money at the forefront of her plans make for a fresh voice in the council chamber.

'The destruction overseen by successive governments of the British High Street is a crime against our communities.

'The return of the shopping public on our local high streets offering a real alternative with local produce and a variety of quality outlets has to be a priority for the council, it is one of Suzanne`s.

'Suzanne is new to politics but her life journey has given her the experience she needs to make those changes needed.'