Labour leader reacts with anger as authority will be 'dominated by Conservatives that know nothing about Northampton'

“I’m really, really angry with the reorganisation that’s been imposed upon us”

By Alastair Ulke
Monday, 10th May 2021, 9:47 am
Danielle Stone - Labour leader WNC
Danielle Stone - Labour leader WNC

The major sentiment of many newly-councillors at today’s count for West Northamptonshire has been that it is time to “get on with the unitary”.

With one exception. In a day that saw Labour take a number of seats in Northampton town’s wards, leader of the party Danielle Stone was pleased with the footholds the opposition had made - while stating her “anger” for the future for Northampton.

She said: “If we had a unitary Northampton I’m pretty confident it would have been a Labour Northampton. “I’m really, really angry with the reorganization that’s been imposed upon us.”

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The heated remarks came after Labour won three seats in the town’s Castle ward, and on a day that saw the party lay its biggest claim to Abington & Phippsville, Dallington Spencer and St George.

But by the end of the count, West Northamptonshire had been firmly won by Conservatives with more than 60 seats.

It was greatly made up of sweeping wins in South Northamptonshire and Daventry, as well as several districts of Northampton.

Danielle Stone said: “I regret the fact that we’re going to be totally dominated by Conservatives that know nothing about Northampton.

"Conservatives who have not displayed any curiosity about Northampton and don’t seem willing to engage with its communities.

“The Conservatives likely to form the administration for this area are from South Northamptonshire in areas that have not had to deal with opposition.

"Democracy is important and opposition is a big part of that.”

Behind this, Councillor Stone said she was “delighted” with the seats won in Northampton and said they were “well deserved”.