Protesters take to the streets of Northampton to show solidarity with Palestine on Saturday, May 15. Photo: Mantas Kaupas.

In pictures: Protesters take to the streets of Northampton in solidarity with Palestine

Around one hundred to 120 people took to the streets for a protest condemning the violence

By Carly Odell
Saturday, 15th May 2021, 4:47 pm
Updated Saturday, 15th May 2021, 4:50 pm

A protest took place on the streets of Northampton this afternoon (May 15) to show solidarity with Palestine.

Northamptonshire Palestine Solidarity Campaign organised the protest to start from outside BBC Radio Northampton at the top of Abington Street at 2pm.

Marchers then travelled along Wellingborough Road to show their support to Palestine and Jerusalem, where there are increasing levels of violence occurring on a daily basis.

Around one hundred to 120 protestors donned masks and held signs to show their solidarity and to condemn the violence.

Organisers hope the march will allow voices to be heard that want to save Sheikh Jarrah - a mainly Palestinian neighbourhood in Jerusalem, stop attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque, urge Israel to end occupation and illegal settlements and stop attacks on Gaza, as well pleading with the British Government to condemn Israel and call on them to 'uphold international human rights'.

Search 'Northamptonshire Palestine Solidarity Campaign' on Facebook to find out more about the group's work.

Below are pictures of the protest in Northampton.

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