Here is every candidate for the inaugural election for Northampton Town Council on May 6

All 25 seats in 21 wards are being contested in the poll next month

Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 10:55 am

Voters will be picking their first members of the newly-established Northampton Town Council on May 6.

The new council was set up as part of the local government review for Northamptonshire, with Northampton Borough Council being abolished after 47 years.

The town council will be responsible for a range of services that the unitary authority, West Northamptonshire Council, does not do like allotments, cemeteries and the mayoralty.

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The first elected members of Northampton Town Council will be chosen on May 6

All 25 seats in 21 wards are being contested with candidates from all the main political parties as well as a few independents.

Here are the candidates:

Abington (two seats): Tony Ansell (Conservative), Bob Purser (Labour), John Schultes (Con), Walter Wlodek Tarasiewicz (Lab) and James Robert Tarry (Liberal Democrats)

Boothville: Ian Paul Churms (Lab) and Jamie William Lane (Con)

Briar Hill: Raymond Connelly (Con) and Ben Francoise (Lab)

Brookside: Naz Choudary (Lab) and Imogen McKee (Con)

Castle (three seats): Jamal Alwahabi (Lab), Daniel Bell Batten (Con), Maqsood Ahmed Chaudhry (Con), Enam Haque (Lab), Maroof Iftikhar (Con) and Fartun Ismail (Lab)

Eastfield: Mobola Bakare (Con), Paul Joyce (Lab) and Tom Lawler (Lib Dem)

Headlands: Derry Owen Collins (Lib Dem), Turon Miah (Lab) and Aziz Rahman (Con)

Kings Heath: Paul Leslie Clark (Con) and Terrie Eales (Lab)

Kingsley: Lori Gale-Rumens (Con) and Cathrine Russell (Lab)

Park: Gary Campbell (Lab), David Garlick (Lib Dem) and Andrew Cameron Kilbride (Con)

Parklands: Mike Hallam (Con) and Koulla Jolley (Lab)

Phippsville: Ifty Choudary (Con), Martin Thomas Sawyer (Lib Dem) and Andrew Stevens (Lab)

Rectory Farm: James William Hill (Con) and Keith Holland-Delamere (Lab)

Riverside: Stephen John Hibbert (Con) Jean Helena Lineker (Independent Person Caring for the People) and Matthew McNicholas (Lab)

Rushmills: Daniel George Soan (Con) and Danielle Stone (Lab)

Semilong: Gregg Lunn (Con) and Les Marriott (Lab)

Spencer: Gareth Matthew Eales (Lab) and Suresh Patel (Con)

St James: Rufia Ashraf (Lab), Graham Neil Croucher (Resident of St James) and Brian Sargeant (Con)

Talavera (two seats): Lorraine Chirisa (Lab), Taylor Luke Cowley-Coulton (Con), Janice Helen Duffy (Lab), Ash Harkara (Con) and Dennis William George Meredith (Lib Dem)

Trinity: Nahar Begum (Con), Jane Birch (Lab) and James William Edward Thorpe (Independent Network)

Westone: Toby Birch (Lab), Michael Brown (Con) and Brian Markham (Lib Dem)