Plans to build extra 80 homes in new Northampton village objected to over flooding concerns

"The land is far too close to flood waters and it is a significant safety risk to anyone," says resident

By Logan MacLeod
Sunday, 7th March 2021, 7:50 am

Plans to build an extra 80 homes next to Pineham Village have been objected to by many residents and also the Environment Agency on the grounds that flooding is a significant risk factor.

The plans, submitted by WDA Planning to Northampton Borough Council for its Local Plan Part Two, outlined a brownfield site next to Pineham Village to build the homes. But that piece of land has reportedly been the centre of recent floods in the area.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said: “As a statutory consultee, the Environment Agency has objected to this planning permission due to the absence of an acceptable flood risk assessment.

A drone image taken by a local resident was sent in as part of the objections to highlight the recent flooding on the land in question

“When an amended flood risk assessment is submitted we will provide comments within 21 days of receiving formal re-consultation.”

And local residents also sent in their objections to Northampton Borough Council.

One person said: "Northampton is filled with all new developments, but there are no new parks or any GPs considered to be put in place. Also, as I am a regular at the land in question, I have noticed quite a lot of water in January, the risk of flooding must definitely be high."

Another said: "There is a very real risk that the extent and level of flood risk to the housing at Pineham will increase due to this development."

Here is where the development could be built, according to plans

"The land is far too close to flood waters and it is a significant safety risk to anyone wishing to build family dwellings on this land," another person added.

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