One month on and controversial bus lane camera in Northampton STILL yet to be reviewed

Here's when the controversial bus lane camera will be up for review at a cabinet meeting

Monday, 16th August 2021, 4:53 pm
Updated Monday, 16th August 2021, 5:11 pm

A meeting to discuss a controversial bus lane and camera in Northampton is set to take ANOTHER month to be discussed up by Northampton' s council.

The bus lane and its camera in St James' Road, opposite Westbridge Garage, has been described by many as a 'cash cow'.

After many complaints and consistent press coverage, Phil Larratt, who manages transport in the county for West Northamptonshire Council, said back in July that a decision was to be 'made in due course' over the bus lane and camera scheme.

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The 24-hour bus lane could be changed back to its previous operating times

Cllr Larratt requested to his officers to change the 24-hour bus lane back to its previous peak hours operating period. Before the bus lane became a 24-hour zone in August 2020, the previous operating hours were from Monday to Saturday between 7am and 9am

However, it has been one month since the councillor requested this and nothing has happened yet.

The reason being is because the issue will be brought up at a cabinet meeting in September, two months after Cllr Larratt said a 'decision will be made in due course'.

A spokesperson from West Northamptonshire Council said: “An update will be provided at an upcoming cabinet meeting in September.”

It is not known how many motorists have been fined in this time period - from July up to today (August) - but a request has been made by this newspaper to the council.

Motorists are fined £60 reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days for driving in the lane, or £90 and threats of legal action if not paid.

Many residents have slammed the camera's location as people have regularly used the bus lane for decades to undertake cars turning right into the petrol station.

One man even managed to overturn his fine as a judge deemed the fines "trivial and should be disregarded".

Between February 15, when the camera was installed, and July, the council has pocketed a minimum of £400,000 in bus lane fines.

More controversy came out about the bus lane camera in March, after a motorist did not even receive a fine letter, which led to him being charged the maximum of £90 and threats of court action. This reportedly happened to many others as Royal Mail made a mistake with its deliveries.

The bus lane was a bid by the council to provide more Covid friendly ways to travel, which basically means to increase use of public transport and cycling.