YouTuber Mat Armstrong buys wrecked BMW M3 that crashed into home in bid to get it back on the road

Mat’s video has racked up nearly two million views so far as he attempts to bring £60,000 car back to life

A popular YouTuber has taken on a mammoth challenge – to repair a top sports car which was badly damaged when it smashed into a Peterborough home last year.

Mat Armstrong has picked up more than two million subscribers to his YouTube channel, which sees him repair cars in Leicester.

Mat said cars with the BMW’s specifications sell for around £62,000 – but he had picked up the crashed car for around half that amount.

You can watch Mat’s video at – and so far nearly two million people have watched his efforts.

The car is so badly damaged, that it won’t even move when Mat picks it up, with bits of bodywork preventing the rear wheels from rolling.

The back of the car is also badly bent, and the front of the vehicle has suffered serious damage where it hit the building.

Mat’s video shows his initial work on the car, including cutting the bodywork away, and some repairs to the electronics to allow him to get the engine to start.

He also speculates on what caused the crash in the first place, with no tyre marks seen in the grass by the house.

After removing some of the rear bodywork, the full extent of the damage can be seen – leaving Mat with plenty of work to do to get the car back on the road…

A second video on his work to repair the car is expected in the future.

Major structural damage was caused to the house that was hit by the car at about 4.30am on the Friday.

Last month, Muhammad Irfan (23), of Park Lane, Peterborough, was given nine points on his licence, was fined £543 and ordered to pay costs of £310 and a victim surcharge of £217 after admitting driving without due care and attention, driving with no insurance and using an insurance document with intent to deceive at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court.