Woman speaks out after 'persistent' man follows her down busy Northampton street thinking she is a prostitute

"It's just totally out of order, asking if I'm a prostitute then being so persistent with it."

By Logan MacLeod
Tuesday, 25th January 2022, 4:52 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th January 2022, 4:54 pm

A woman in her 30s has spoken out after a 'persistent' man followed her down a busy Northampton road at night time in the belief that she was a prostitute.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, posted on Facebook about her 'scary' experience on Sunday night at around 7.30pm along on Wellingborough Road.

The woman was walking back home from the train station after a day out in London.

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The man started to follow the woman near Sainsbury's in Wellingborough Road

She wrote on Facebook: "While I was walking up Wellingborough Road, when I got opposite Sainsbury's, a guy came up asking if I was 'working'. I didn't know what he meant at first, but I said no to him and carried on walking.

"He was walking next to me, and asked the same question two more times. My tone got angrier with every answer.

"He said to me that he's got money and asked if I wanted a drink. I ignored him and carried on walking. Then it clicked, he must've thought I was a prostitute.

"I was walking quite fast by myself at first but walked even faster after this guy came up to me."

The woman then crossed the road near Heavenly Desserts but noticed the man followed her over, which is when she started to worry.

She was getting closer and closer to her home but didn't want the man to know where she lived, so she crossed the road again to seek refuge in the Crown and Cushion.

She said: "When he crossed the road with me, I was a little bit scared. I didn't think I needed help until he crossed with me. I went to the pub because I thought bouncers would be there and it was busy and well lit.

"Unfortunately the bouncers weren't there so I went into the pub, found a space and sat down for bit. After about 10 minutes I came out and didn't see the guy any more, so I quickly went home.

"I kept looking over my shoulder to see if he was following me after I left the pub, he wasn't.

"This happened at about 7.30pm, I wouldn't think that's late to be walking home as a single female, I've definitely walked home later than that. Wellingborough Road was still full of people at that time.

"Also, I wasn't wearing anything revealing at all, I was out in London during the day, apart from my face and hands, there was no flesh to be seen as I was wrapped up."

Speaking to the Chron, the woman said the frightening ordeal was 'totally out of order' and wanted to highlight the importance of women's safety at night.

She said: "It's just totally out of order, asking if I'm a prostitute then being so persistent with it.

"Going forward, I'm not too worried. I'm not afraid of telling people my story. I think women should be aware of it because this could happen to anyone.

"For someone to approach you like that, it's just wrong isn't it? Thinking I can't go out by myself at that time.

"After my Facebook post, another girl told me there has been a guy with the same description watching her running in town. Does he think this is ok?

"You never know what to expect [as a woman]. Some girls carry personal alarms, so if anything happens they just use that to get attention."