"We were frantically searching the house": Mother calls for town to help find daughter's SNAKE on the loose in Northampton

"My daughter was hysterical, she couldn't stop crying"

Friday, 26th March 2021, 1:54 pm
Updated Friday, 26th March 2021, 1:56 pm
Kayla's snake, Pretzel, is possibly on the loose in Northampton
Kayla's snake, Pretzel, is possibly on the loose in Northampton

A Northampton mother-of-six has called for the town to help find her "distressed" daughter's snake after it went missing from its tank on Wednesday (March 24).

Lauren Hill, 32, posted on Spotted Duston as soon as she realised the back door of her house was open at the same time as her 11-year-old daughter, Kayla, lost her new Rainbow Boa snake called Pretzel.

Lauren, who lives in Ingleborough Way, Duston, said she was upstairs with her children when the snake went missing.

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Kayla and Pretzel

She said: "I've got six children - there was five of them in the house at the time. I went upstairs to get ready and they all followed me up. It was only when we went back downstairs we realised Pretzel had gone.

"We were upset, my daughter was absolutely distressed, hysterical, she couldn't stop crying and said she wasn't going to school.

"We were frantically searching the house. We literally turned the house upside down. My daughter didn't want to go to school until she found it.

"I put the post on Facebook when I realised the back door was open. Most people have put nice comments but some people commented saying "when I see it I will kill it". It's not nice to see.

"Pretzel's only little and that's what concerns me. If she's in the house she could be in any gap and if she's out the house, she could be anywhere."

The snake is about 50cm long and "can curl up into the palm of your hand", Lauren said.

Kayla bought the snake this month for her 11th birthday, which was in February, after saving up money and doing jobs around the house.

Lauren said: "This was the first responsible decision she made with money. When she got it she was saying "I'm in love with it".

"She was just staring into the empty tank when she came home from school this week. We don't know what to do. We just hope we can find her.

"I've got no clue if Pretzel is in the house or got out. I don't know where she could be. I'm hoping she's not out."

Lauren said if anyone finds Pretzel to please call her on 07894458075.

She said: "Please try and catch her and call me. If you don't feel comfortable capturing her please just phone me. I don't want anyone to hurt her."

Lauren has also left Pretzel's glass tank open and a hot water bottle out to entice her back.