'We are sorry': Virgin Active responds to barrage of complaints about 'shocking' Northampton gyms

The Virgin Active gym at Riverside Retail ParkThe Virgin Active gym at Riverside Retail Park
The Virgin Active gym at Riverside Retail Park
Virgin Active has responded to complaints from customers at its Northampton gyms on social media about the state of their facilities compared to the price of membership.

Many users have complained on Facebook and Twitter about pools being closed during the school holidays, neglected showers, and overcrowding at the Riverside and Collingtree branches.

A Virgin Active spokesperson said: “At Virgin Active, we are constantly listening to our members about our services and we will continue to listen around how they would like us to improve the facilities at Virgin Active.

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"We are sorry to hear that some members have had negative experiences, this is being assessed at the highest level and will feedback to those affected in due course.”

On July 5, Virgin Active UK posted on its Facebook page: "Find Your Feel Good At Virgin Active. Sign up today, 15% Off 12 Month Memberships, No Joining Fee, T&Cs apply.

So far, 72 comments have been made, with the majority of them criticising the state of the Virgin Active gyms in Northampton, especially Riverside.

Sameer Verma wrote: "The place needs a serious overhaul. So run down and battered now!"

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Virgin Active replied to most people asking them to message it privately with their concerns but did give a more detailed response to some complainants.

Sarah Etheridge responded: "Virgin, why are you private messaging people? Transparency is needed here. The facilities are shocking, I’d personally never use the showers as they’re terrible, air conditioning also shocking.

"Maybe when someone either hurts themselves or passes out will something get done!!! It seems all you’re interested in is new members or Collingtree members.

"Why can they be allowed to book Riverside classes and fill them up, that’s why we can’t get in the classes. Yet you keep putting fees up and we’re restricted on using Collingtree facilities."

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But Ed Stivala came to the gym's defence, saying: "WOW - Honestly I am amazed reading this thread!! I use riverside pretty much every day and have no real complaints.

"I haven’t used the spin studio for a couple of weeks, but when I was last in there (in my opinion) it didn’t represent a dangerous situation.

"If I felt as put out as some on this thread then I would just cancel and move somewhere else.

"Not waste my time bleating on FB. Try going to a ‘budget’ gym and discover what a rubbish gym environment really is like!"