The Bear pub in Northampton to host Remembrance Sunday event with hopes of raising hundreds for Poppy Appeal

The pub's last event sold more than one thousand drinks and raised hundreds of pounds for veterans' causes

Wednesday, 10th November 2021, 6:39 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th November 2021, 6:42 pm
The Bear has become home for hundreds of poppies put up specially for the event

The Bear in Northampton will be hosting a blow-out remembrance Sunday event in support of the Poppy Appeal, with hopes of raising even more for the cause.

The event, which has been held at the pub for several years prior to the lockdowns, will aim to raise money for the Poppy Appeal through donations.

The funds will then go towards supporting the Armed Forces with financial support, advice, employment, mobility, housing and mental health.

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Daniel was amazed at the success of previous years' events

Daniel Chilvers, who runs The Bear with his wife, said that their last event, held two years, sold more than 1,200 drinks in one night and raised more than £800 for the cause.

He said he was surprised by the importance Remembrance Day holds for many in Northampton, having been new to the area when they opened the pub. Once they realised, the pair happily got stuck in and have been raising funds for the Poppy Appeal every year since.

Daniel said: "We didn't know Northants very well. We didn't know how big people go for Remembrance over here. Obviously it's a big event all around the country, but people here take it so much more seriously.

"I think what struck me the most was how patriotic they are. We have a lot of ex-service customers who enjoy it so we put as much effort in as we can.

A spread of food shared at a previous remembrance event

"People often think of remembrance in terms of the First or Second World Wars, but we have been fighting wars for hundreds of years. We also remember the Boer War, the Forgotten War, all the way to the more recent Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. It's about remembering all those soldiers. What they did and still do for our country."

Both Daniel's father and grandfather served in the Yorkshire Regiment of the British Army. While his father never deployed, his grandfather fought in the Korean War. He retired from the Army having served as Garrison Sergeant Major of the Imphal Barracks in York.

Daniel's wife, Jade Chilvers' family has also seen service. Her grandfather, Ken, who was based out of RAF Holton during the Second World War, told a story of when the order to evacuate Malta was given. As he told it there was very little time to 'get out'. So, with his wife and four children aboard the plane, Ken found himself fixing the wing while the plane was taking off and on its way home.

Jade added: "People from both sides of my family in one way or another have served. Armistice day and remembrance Sunday hold a special place in my heart as the whole community comes together so we can remember the great cost that has been given by many, so that those of us left behind can live in peace."

The event is reportedly very popular leading to a 'packed' night.

The remembrance event will take place at The Bear on Sunday November 14, with donation boxes available for those inclined to contribute.