Take time to talk today, says Northamptonshire mental health charity boss

The charity is encouraging people to break the silence over mental health services
Sarah Hillier of Northamptonshire MindSarah Hillier of Northamptonshire Mind
Sarah Hillier of Northamptonshire Mind

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit all sections of the community hard and led to big changes in the way we are living our lives.

And bosses at Northamptonshire Mind are stressing the importance of this year's annual Time To Talk Day.

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Today's (February 4) event is designed to bring the nation together to get talking and break the silence around mental health issues.

Too often, people who experience a mental health problem are also expected to take the lead on talking about mental health in the wider sense - Time To Talk Day encourages everyone to talk about the issue

This shift in our daily routines and the uncertainty it has brought with it and has had many effects on our health – not least our mental well-being.

Northamptonshire Mind CEO Sarah Hillier said “The Covid-19 pandemic has had a big effect on the mental health of the nation and the advice we have been giving to help cope with lockdown and uncertainty has been important for people across the county.

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Depression and anxiety can hit us at any time but remember, we are here – our message is to reach out to us if you or your family need support.

“You are not alone – spring is around the corner, now is the time to time to sow some positivity and reap the rewards in a brighter future.

“As we approach Time To Talk Day we are stressing the importance of communicating and reaching out.

“We have to make time to talk and share feelings. This year that is more important than ever.”

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Northamptonshire Mind, a registered charity that promotes good mental health across the whole county, is publishing a series of videos, including one from Sarah, on its social network pages to offer advice and tips on improving your mental health and sharing ideas on how to manage your well-being. You can find the videos here