'Start here': Northampton's 'trash islands' where council should put their first fly-tipping CCTV cameras

Northampton Borough Council could install CCTV cameras at fly-tipping hotspots to catch offenders - here's a few places they can start...

Friday, 4th October 2019, 10:42 am

The council is considering installing battery-powered CCTV cameras around town in a bid to curb fly-tipping.Here are just a few places in town centre where they could start - but as many residents know, this is just a small glimpse of the town's fly-tipping problem.All flytipping can be reported to Northampton Borough Council using their Report It app at the web address below. The council aims to clear away all reported flytipping within 48 hours.https://mycouncil.northampton.digital/reportIt.html

Northampton Borough Council is considering a plan to install battery-powered CCTV in fly-tipping hotspots to catch offenders...
There are street corners and curbs across the town that become overwhelmed with fly-tipping every week - like this corner in Lorne Road.

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The Mounts arguably suffers the worst. There are spots in the residential streets where not a week goes when a mattress or a sofa isn't dumped there.
This photo from 2018 shows the extent of how badly Hunter Street can be hit by fly-tipping.
Hunter Street, in the Mounts, has a severe flytipping problem.
The Bailiff Street entrance to the Racecourse is often crammed with bin bags, sofas and mattresses.
One shop owner near these dumped sofas said: "I just don't understand how anyone can do it and not take pride in where they live."
A nearby homeowner said: "I blame student houses. You have five people living in one house with a car each - but do they take their rubbish to the tip like us? No."
The entrance to the St Michael's Road car park is a frequent problem for the council and nearby residents.
Anyone caught fly-tipping can face a fine of up to 400 - but when it's just a toilet seat and a clotheshorse, how do you prove who chucked it?
This flytipping site has already been visited by one of the council environmental officers, who can look for clues that link it to name or household...
Is CCTV the answer? Or will dumpers just wise up and find a new spot to fly-tip?