Shoplifter took 96 bottles of booze in 30 visits to three Northampton stores during 25 days of May

Magistrates ban serial thief from part of Abington to keep him out of local garage shop

By Kevin Nicholls
Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 11:44 am

A serial shoplifter has been banned from part of Northampton after taking an astonishing 96 bottles of booze from three stores during a 25-day spree last month.

Antony Cantor admitted 31 charges at Northampton Magistrates Court on Friday (June 4) — 30 of theft plus one of assaulting a member of staff.

Cantor, 40, took goods from the BP Connect shop in Abington Avenue plus two Tesco stores in Wellingborough Road — all close to his Roe Road address — between May 5 and May 29. His haul included:

Cantor targeted these three stores near where he lived to steal booze

■ Four bottles of Jack Daniels

■ 22 bottles of Prosecco

■ 70 bottles of wine

■ Two bottles port

He also admitted stealing three milkshakes, two sandwiches, 12 steaks and ten packets of meat.

Magistrates ordered Cantor to pay £590 compensation for the stolen goods plus £100 to the Tesco shop worker he elbowed, a £95 surcharge to fund victim services and £85 prosecution costs.

They also made him subject of a 12-month community order which included six months drug rehabilitation treatment.

He will also wear an electronic tag monitoring movements to ensure he does not enter an area bordered by Abington Avenue, Oakwood Road, Ashburnham Road and Collingwood Road between certain times for the next six months — meaning he cannot go into the BP Connect store.

Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant, Abdul Salique, said: “These charges against Anthony Cantor were achieved by the dedication and outstanding work of Special Constable Robyn Wilson and PC Les Hornsby.

“The efforts put into investigating this series of offences by both officers was truly commendable as they worked long hours to ensure all the work got done.

“Special Constables like Robyn are worth their weight in gold and more – we could not do what we do without them and we are extremely lucky to have such dedicated, passionate and driven individuals working alongside us.

“Shoplifting may seem like a low-level crime, however the impunity with which people like Cantor operate will not be accepted here.

“Hard-working people spend many hours doing a job so they can buy nice things and those who think they can steal instead will simply not get away with it.”