Selfless man revamps Northampton village bus stop after decay and vandalism

The bus stop is now usable and pleasant place to wait

Thursday, 2nd September 2021, 3:51 pm
Updated Thursday, 2nd September 2021, 3:52 pm
The revamped bus stop and hard worker, Vincent.

A selfless man took it upon himself to completely revamp a bus stop in the Northampton village he calls home.

Vincent Thomas and his wife moved to Moulton in January this year after deciding it was a beautiful place to live and ideal location to downsize.

Since then Vincent, who is retired, has settled into village life, but there is one thing that kept bugging him as he drove past it every time he went home.

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The bus stop is now more pleasant to see and use.

The bus stop on Overstone Road, near to the junction with Prince of Wales Row was damaged and vandalised, so Vincent decided to do something about it.

The selfless villager said: “The plywood was damaged from where people picked at it and it was disintegrating week by week.

“I took it upon myself to fix it up.

“I tried to do it while no one was around but a couple of people saw me and then locals saw it on the community Facebook page.

“It needed doing and I had the time to do it. I was never looking for fame or fortune.”

One of the pubs in the village also donated a bench to the bus stop so people have somewhere to sit while waiting.

Heidi Stanton, landlady of the Cardigan Arms and Vincent’s step-daughter, added: “It was a nice bus stop but it got vandalised and the wood got damaged. It looked like an eyesore

“So Vincent decided to fix it. He repaired all of that and painted it.

“He used his own money and dedicated his time to doing it.

“We have just done up our garden so we had a bench spare so we donated that and Vincent nailed that in as well.

“It’s so important because we want everything in the village to look nice and to make the place desirable.”

After Vincent's hard work and the pub's donation, the bus stop is now more attractive, usable and a pleasant place to wait.

Since a post about the revamp appeared on the community Facebook page, dozens of locals have also commented to thank Vincent for his hard work and dedication.