'Second opinion saved my dad's life': Northampton man taken off end-of-life care after step-daughter's fight to save him

Lawrence is still recovering in hospital after being put on and taken off end-of-life care.Lawrence is still recovering in hospital after being put on and taken off end-of-life care.
Lawrence is still recovering in hospital after being put on and taken off end-of-life care.
Northampton General Hospital has launched a review into the care of a Far Cotton man who is recovering after being taken off end-of-life care.

Lawrence Bazeley, of Far Cotton, was admitted to Northampton General Hospital on June 28, by an ambulance after suffering from infected ulcerated legs and sickness.

Medics at the hospital ran blood tests and he was later sent home with antibiotics.

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The next day A&E called his step-daughter, Carla, and said Lawrence needed to return to hospital because he had been diagnosed with sepsis and was brought back to A&E - where he is still being treated.

Lawrence Bazeley's step daughter CarlaLawrence Bazeley's step daughter Carla
Lawrence Bazeley's step daughter Carla

During his time in hospital the 68-year-old caught pneumonia, and ten days later was put on end-of-life care, which Carla claims was not discussed with her.

"He was really lethargic and was not moving. He looked like death," she said.

"They had him on oxygen just for comfort.

"He could have died. I can not believe he was left to suffer like that."

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On July 9, Lawrence was put on end-of-life care for four days, after his sepsis was successfully treated.

This is when his step-daughter took his own saturation levels, which were reading 77 per cent, and argued that he was not an end-of-life care patient.

During those four days Carla claims Lawrence he did not receive any food, water or medication for his Parkinson's, and was calling out for orange juice when she visited him.

"I think it's just outrageous. He was begging for drinks, I couldn't leave him like that," she added.

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"When I said to him 'I'm going to sort the treatment out for you', he asked: 'do you promise?'

"He has been my step-dad since I was 15, I would not let him give up. I got a second opinion and I'm so glad I did."

Now, after his step-daughter fought for his life in front of doctors and nurses, he is being fed, watered and is back on his Parkinsons medication again, which is being administered through a tube.

Days before he was taken into hospital Carla said he was well enough to visit his wife - who is on end-of-life care - at her home and could independently walk to the kitchen to make himself a cup of tea.

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"I kept arguing that my mum had treatment for seven weeks and she is now on end-of-life care. I slept in the hospital for seven weeks."

Now, Lawrence is recovering and is able to speak to Carla.

"He sat up on Tuesday cleaning his own mouth out and was asking for water.

"He is talking better, you can understand him a bit more and you can make sense of what he is saying. He wanted some vanilla ice cream.

"He is doing well but he is not out of the woods yet."

A spokesman for Northampton General Hospital said the hospital cannot comment on individual patient treatment but a review has been launched into Lawrence's care.

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He said: "We are sorry that Carla feels her stepfather has not received the standard of care we wish to provide or that our patients should expect.

"A review of his care is underway and we would be happy to support Carla in relation to her concerns via our patient advice and liaison service.”

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