Scouts looking to recruit 300 new volunteers in Northamptonshire so groups can come back stronger

Between 2020 and 2021, Scout membership dropped 26 percent

By Carly Odell
Thursday, 27th May 2021, 10:39 am
Scouts is recruiting more volunteers in Northamptonshire.

Scouts has launched a campaign to recruit 300 new volunteers in Northamptonshire in a bid to help groups come back stronger post-pandemic.

Youth Scout membership in Northamptonshire has fallen by 26 percent in the last year, from 6,677 to 4,927.

Adult volunteer numbers in the county are also down from 2,428 in 2020 to 2,077 in 2021.

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Membership numbers dropped during the pandemic, but are now picking up again.

Scout groups across Northamptonshire are now looking to build back better and empower the ‘Covid generation’ when they need it most.

Northamptonshire commissioner Dean Smith said: “Young people have lost out on so much in the past year and our membership numbers show how many were unable to continue with Scouts due to lockdown.

“The good news is they are coming back in droves, so we need more people to help us ensure young people can meet friends, have fun and fulfil their potential by learning skills for life.

“That’s why today we’re calling on people to volunteer for Scouts. Volunteering is good for communities, good for young people and good for you.”

Over the next six months the Scouts will be running a series of locally focused recruitment campaigns across the UK, including in Northamptonshire, designed to encourage those young people and adults who drifted away during the pandemic to re-join and to create new Scout groups in areas of greatest need.

Scouts has now launched the #GoodForYou campaign which aims to recruit at least ten thousand volunteers to help young people with their wellbeing and build their skills for life Scouts are today launching the #GoodForYou campaign designed to recruit over 300 volunteers in Northamptonshire to help young people to reconnect, supporting their wellbeing and building their skills for life.

Hannah Hammond, a Scout volunteer in the county, added: “In my area, Scouting is a lifeline for those in areas of deprivation.

“During the pandemic it became a beacon of normality for young people and helped them keep a positive mental attitude during a difficult time.

“I know that Scouting helped me get through the last year as well.

“Scouting makes such a difference to young people’s lives in the long term, plus it’s a great way for adults to have fun too.”

To find out more about Scout groups in Northamptonshire email David and Jennie Curtis on [email protected]