Runners dress up as superheroes for centenary parkrun in Towcester

After being purchased by the local authority in 2009, The Watermeadows has evolved from a grazing field into a popular public open space

Friday, 1st July 2022, 4:13 pm

Hundreds of people dressed up as superheroes as they took part in the 100th Watermeadows parkrun in Towcester last Saturday (June 25).

Exactly 2,911 finished runs - supported by 337 volunteers - have been recorded since the free parkrun was established at the Towcester Watermeadows in February 2019.

The parkrun now takes place every Saturday at 9am.

Last weekend’s runners were waved off by WNC’s councillor Daniel Lister, Mike Carter, and Councillor Maggie Clubley.

Director of last week’s race, Lorayne Macfarlane, said: “The Watermeadows is a fantastic venue for a parkrun. Parkrun is a great community event where many people are making new friendships and are enjoying being outdoors in such a beautiful environment.

“Whether you are volunteering, or taking part in the event itself, it is such a rewarding way to start your weekend."

The Watermeadows was purchased from the Easton Neston estate in 2009 by the local authority, opened for public use, and has since evolved from a grazing field into a busy and popular public open space.

Ms Macfarlane said the addition of the footpath by West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) last year boosted visitors and made the run accessible to wheelchair users and those with children in prams.

Last weekend’s runners were waved off by WNC’s cabinet member for economic development, town centre regeneration and growth, Councillor Daniel Lister, the WNC officer overseeing the Watermeadows management plan, Mike Carter, and councillor for Towcester and Roade, Maggie Clubley.

Councillor Lister said: “Towcester Watermeadows brought new life to a town centre once landlocked by a private estate and was the first step in the successful Moat Lane Regeneration by South Northamptonshire Council.

"Not only does this help town centre businesses by giving people yet more reasons to visit Towcester, but it is also providing those who do not wish to run alone with a vibrant and attractive choice.

"We saw people of every type on Saturday. There were casual runners there for some fun, those there to improve their times, some in prams, and plenty benefiting from the run’s Age Grading so they can fairly compare their results.

"I have little doubt that this park run and those like it are improving the health and quality of life for a significant number of people in West Northants."

For more information, visit the WNC webpage on the Towcester Watermeadows.

Anyone wanting to participate can get more information from the Watermeadows parkun page.