Northampton woman's heartbreaking plea to the girls who found her dead kitten to tell her where the body is

"I hope they may read this or a family member may have had their young daughter arrive home upset or unusually quiet on Tuesday evening"

Friday, 28th May 2021, 2:19 pm
Frank is a white cat with very distinctive dark patches.

A heartbroken pet owner in Northampton is pleading for the girls, who found her dead kitten, to come forward.

The one-year-old kitten, named Frank, went missing on Monday, May 24. The owner of the kitten, Lesley Turner said that Frank, who was adopted with his brother Jasper from the RSPCA last summer, did not wander off because it is "not his style".

She said: "We were frantic and his brother is constantly looking for him or just sleeping.

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Frank (right) was adopted from the RSPCA last summer with his brother, Jasper (left).

"We scanned Facebook pages and sadly our attention was drawn to a post which made us sit up and take notice."

A man, driving along Kettering Road on Tuesday evening (May 25), saw a stopped car with its hazard lights flashing shortly after passing the Spinney Hill pub. It was then he saw the lifeless body of a small kitten in the road.

He stopped and moved the kitten to a grass verge outside a property on the same road. A photo he took confirmed to Lesley her worst fear: the body was indeed Frank's.

The man, who posted on Facebook, then saw two girls - either in their teens or early twenties - emerging from one of the houses on Kettering Road at around 9.45pm. He initially believed they lived there but they had knocked on the door of a nearby house to see if someone could provide them with a bag to put Frank's body in.

The vehicle pictured on right is the vehicle that was used by the girls who found the kitten.

Lesley has since been in touch with the homeowner at that residence, who claims that the girls were either young teenagers or in their early twenties; one of whom was "clearly upset and distressed." She gave them a light grey towel to wrap the kitten up in and the girls told then told the homeowner that they were going to take him to Spinney Hill Vets, which was less than a two minute drive away.

The kitten owner found out this information just three hours after Frank's death and immediately rushed to the vets to see if the girls had left him outside the closed surgery but he was not there.

Lesley said: "I telephoned Spinney Hill as soon as they opened in the morning, stomach churning planning to go and collect Frank. However, Frank wasn't there. Frank isn't anywhere. All local vets called, local authority checked. Frank is microchipped so had he been taken to any vet I would have been notified.

"I think the young ladies were upset, possibly in shock, but this was purely a tragic accident.

"I hope they may read this or a family member may have had their young daughter arrive home upset or unusually quiet on Tuesday evening.

"I don't need to know who they are or why they decided not to leave Frank in a place of safety where his family may lay him to rest."

The two girls mentioned or anyone with information about the whereabouts of Frank's body is asked to email Lesley Turner at [email protected] or call her on 07873728793.