Northampton seven-year-old Hannah Armson to tackle 10km for The Gambia

A Northampton seven-year-old is taking her love of running the weekly Parkrun one step further by tackling her first 10km race.

Friday, 3rd May 2019, 2:19 pm
Updated Friday, 3rd May 2019, 2:33 pm
Seven-year-old Hannah is set to take on the Northampton 10km with her mum and brother.

Hannah Armson has already proved she can take on a 5km run in one go at her Saturday Parkrun meetups in Sixfields.

But now she has her sights set on a bigger challenge - and has signed up to run the Northampton 10k race for charity.

The six-year-old - who turns seven next week - is ready to take on the course with her 11-year-old brother Luke and mum Charlotte.

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Hannah runs the Parkrun at Sixfields with her brother Luke.

Although the final runners sheet has not been drawn up, it means she could be the youngest runner to take on the 10km on May 12.

She said: "I really like running. I love going to Parkrun because I've made so many friends there and I always get to see so many people.

"I run all the time. I like it. I run to school in the morning and I run with mum and Luke on the weekends. Now I want to do it for charity."

Hannah says she wants to raise £250 for The Northampton Trustee Fund - a charity support by her school, Millway Primary - and help build a new school and medical centre in the village of Penyem, in The Gambia.

Hannah discovered her love at running at a school sponsored jog - where she ran more than 20 laps of the field in one go.

Mum Charlotte said: "I run with her every week but she's only getting quicker and quicker. She'll be leaving me in her dust before too long.

"One day, after the Parkrun, Han straight away ran all the way to the car and back and then ran home. It was obvious she just wanted to do more and more.

"At the 10km, we'll only do things at her pace. I think I'll have to make her take some walking breaks at some points for her own safety. But Han always surprises me."

Hannah said: "I think it will be hard but I want to see all the different people running it. I'm really excited.

"I hope one day I go to competitions like the Olympics one day."