Northampton residents say they are glad we are still a town after missing out on city status bid

‘Relieved. Let's get on with building a better town now. Big city lights don't bother me...’

By Logan MacLeod
Friday, 20th May 2022, 4:15 pm

Northampton residents have reacted to the news that the Queen has rejected the town's bid to become a city - with many saying they were proud to be a town and not a city.

Northampton lost out in its latest bid to become city. Ministers confirmed on Friday (May 20) eight new cities are are being created for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee — including nearby Milton Keynes.

Councillors hoped becoming a city would bring massive economic and cultural benefits, labelling it a 'once in a generation opportunity'.

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Northampton missed out on its bid for city status

However, following the news of failure, many Northampton residents on social media said they were proud to remain a town.

Northampton Town Football Club said on Twitter: "Northampton Town we are #ProudToBe."

Alex Donohue said: "Relieved. Let's get on with building a better town now. Big city lights don't bother me..."

Sir Pennies also said on Twitter: "Thank God! We're not a city, and the town's identity is not of a city! Northampton Town!"Dave said: "We are a town and glad to stay a town!"

Paul Jarrett said on Twitter: “We are the rebel town, and will never be a city. And frankly, I would rather be a massive town with a great historical legacy, than a plastic city!”

Gaynor Sampson said on Facebook: "We can’t really be surprised at this can we? Over the years we’ve had the council turning down IKEA (who then went to MK), permission granted for Rushden Lakes (which saw shops and restaurants move out of the town) and they now seem determined to allow every spare inch of land to be turned into flats and student accommodation. We’ve barely got a town, how on earth did they think it could be a city?!"

Sir Pennies @SirPennies said on Twitter: “No, we will never be a city at heart, and we have never been a city at heart.”

Ali_Kat said on Twitter: "Well of course, it’s a market town. Our council should remember that and stop with the grandiose gesturing that’s destroying it. We need quality shops people want to go to, not flats!"

Sandie Maitland said: "I am greatly relieved that Northampton has been rejected for city status. I’m glad they (council) are not being rewarded for their inability to even manage a market!"

Damien Battisson said: "Once in a generation. Think we have been turned down twice in my lifetime? Always the town for me."

Gina Stewart said: "Northampton needs a good clean up, no chance of city status with all the rubbish/fly tipping everywhere, pavements need a scrub empty shops doorways and windows need cleaning."

Graham Croucher said: "Preparation is everything, so was it really going to be a good application when only six weeks were available from making the decision to apply to actually submitting it?"

David Haynes said: "Good. We're a town and should always be. How about we strive to be a really good town instead of a mediocre city?"

Council response

West Northamptonshire Council leader Jonathan Nunn said: “Obviously the news that we have not been awarded city status will come as a great disappointment to the people of Northampton and everyone who supported and worked on our bid."

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