Northampton neighbourhood residents ‘fed up’ of blocked drains causing sewage to flow onto road

One resident said the road is ‘like a river’ when it rains due to the overflowing drains

Wednesday, 7th July 2021, 12:33 pm
One resident said that toilet paper flows onto the road and then sticks to the tarmac when it dries.
One resident said that toilet paper flows onto the road and then sticks to the tarmac when it dries.

A number of residents have spoken out about the frustration they are experiencing regarding blocked and overflowing drains in a Northampton neighbourhood.

Residents who live on or close to Main Road in Duston have reported several blocked drains on the road, which continually overflow when there is rainfall.

Despite contacting the council about the issues, flooding of the road - including sewage, toilet paper and wipes from a manhole - remains a problem after ‘years’ of complaints and residents are now ‘fed up’.

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The drains are blocked and thus overflow when rain falls.

More recently, a resident has reported 12 specific drains to West Northamptonshire Council that are causing a problem during wet weather spells.

The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “All 12 of them need unblocking as they all overflow when we have heavy rainfall.

“They need unblocking properly and the pipes between them need clearing, else it will just keep happening.

“When they overflow, sewage flows into the road as well as toilet paper, which then sticks to the tarmac when it dries.

One resident has mapped out the blocked drains on Fixmystreet.

“It’s like a river down there every time it rains.

“It is one of the main roads in and out of Duston and the council is not maintaining it to the standard they should be. They are being blasé with their approach.

“It’s unacceptable and it’s bonkers that nothing has been done.

“We need a long term solution before flooding gets worse and starts to affect businesses in the lower parts of Main Road and people’s lives.”

The issue, which has been discussed by more residents on community Facebook page - Spotted Duston, has evoked strong responses with many calling for more to be done.

Another resident added: “It's a health hazard and near impossible for anyone to avoid getting drenched by this in certain areas of main road.”

Another commented: “It's disgusting. We have had faeces and dirty soggy tissue washed onto our driveway.”

And one simply added ‘it has been happening for years’.

A council spokesman said the drains were cleared in December 2020 and are not due to be cleared again until December this year. Although blocked drains can be reported to the council.

Cllr Phil Larratt, West Northamptonshire Council Cabinet Member for environment, transport, highways and waste, said: “Drains along Main Road, Duston, were cleared at the end of last year and are due to be done again by December this year.

“They are designed to handle reasonably heavy rainfall but if we have a torrential downpour, they can struggle to clear the water for a while.

“It’s a bit like thousands of people trying to leave a busy sports or music event, which causes a backlog.

"The same can happen with the drains; if we have extremely heavy rainfall, they struggle with capacity and need some time to clear the water.

“That said, if anyone does know of a blocked drain in their area, they should report it on our Street Doctor page and it will definitely be investigated.”