Northampton man commissions huge mural on the side of his house to pay tribute to mum and other Covid-19 victims

The plan is to add names of those who lost their lives from the virus to the mural

By Carly Odell
Thursday, 27th May 2021, 10:45 am
The mural on the side of Nick's home.
The mural on the side of Nick's home.

A heartbroken son who lost his mother to Covid-19 has had a huge mural painted onto the side of his Northampton home to pay tribute to victims of the virus.

Nick Hyde whose 72-year-old mum Susan Hyde died in February, wanted to pay tribute to his mother and others who lost their lives to Covid-19.

The wall art, at the bottom of Holmecross Road in Thorplands, is based around the concept of ‘elephants never forgetting’ to symbolise how those who lost their lives during the pandemic will not be forgotten.

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Eventually, Nick is also hoping to add a plaque for his mum, as well as names of others who died from Covid-19 to the mural, if loved ones get in touch.

Nick said: “I lost my mum and the funeral was only allowed to be limited and we weren’t allowed to lower her into the grave.

“I struggled to cope with it and I kept feeling like I needed to do something.

“I have a statue of an elephant in my garden and elephants never forget so I wanted to go with something along those lines.”

Nick contacted artists and settled on Wall Art by Silk, who came up with the design, which Nick says he ‘absolutely loves’.

The drawings were then brought to live on the side of the home last weekend, over the course of two days, before Nick added the writing.

The 47-year-old added: “I now need to find plants to get it looking really nice.

“People have already started sending me names so I will add names to it and I’m just in the process of sorting out the best way to do it.

“I think the mural is really important and I want people to see it.

“As far as I’m aware the Government or councils are not making any effort to make a mural, but I think there should be one.”

Since the wall art has been present, Nick says the response has been good with residents from the estate stopping to take pictures and talk to him about it.

“It has been amazing really. I didn’t expect it to go as big as it has,” Nick continued.