Northampton in 1998: Woolworths, Chicago Rock Cafe and more in retro pictures of town from 25 years ago

Do you remember the town like this?

Take a look at some nostalgic photos of Northampton town centre from back in 1998 – including a full list of all the shops in the Grosvenor Centre 25 years ago.

Former Trinity College pupil Jusna Miah has kindly shared photos she took for her geography coursework back in 1998.

Jusna said: “I took these for my geography coursework for my studies into locating the central business district Northampton.

"Looking at these pictures reminds how the town centre once was busy and thriving. I have some great memories, I lived not far from the town centre and would go there nearly every weekend for some shopping. It’s a shame that it’s declined so badly in recent years.”

Photos include the former McDonald’s in the Grosvenor Centre, the iconic Woolworths in Abington Street, the much-loved Chicago Rock Cafe in Market Square, an old-school KFC in Abington Street, and the old Marks and Spencers in Abington Street.

Jusna also listed down all 77 shops in the Grosvenor Centre in 1998 – how many do you remember?

Click through our gallery to take a trip down memory lane.

If you have any retro pictures of Northampton and would like to share them with the town, feel free to send them into [email protected]