Northampton care home throws joyous party for Margaret's 100th birthday

The 100-year-old is a talented artist, and her work is displayed in family and friends’ homes

A Northampton care home threw a special party for a resident who has reached the huge milestone of turning 100.

Margaret Bates, who lives at Holly House Residential Home in Milton Malsor, is celebrating her 100th birthday on Wednesday November 29.

The home, alongside her family, threw a special party for Margaret, which included decorations, cakes and most importantly – a card from the King.

Margaret’s live is described as a “testament to resilience and joy”. She is also the second generation of women in her family to reach the centenary milestone.

Margaret’s daughter penned a statement about her mother’s life.

She said: "Margaret was born in Barnsley and lived in the town until July 2022, when she moved to Holly House Residential Home in Milton Malsor to be close to her adult family and great-grandchildren.

"Margaret is a talented amateur artist. Her room, and the homes of family and friends display her paintings, pastel drawings and sculptures.

"Margaret has received her card from the King. It compliments the ones her mother received from the late Queen Elizabeth. It is an unusual achievement for a mother and daughter to achieve the milestone of a hundredth birthday.”

A spokeswoman from Holly House added: “Margaret's centenary is a momentous occasion, not just for her and her family, but for our entire community.

"She holds the distinction of being the first resident since the coronation to reach this remarkable age. Her life story and journey are a testament to resilience and joy, something that we believe deserves recognition and celebration.”

Below are photos taken at the Northampton care home of Margaret’s 100th birthday party.

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