Northampton business owner raises massive £70,000 to send buses to and from war torn Ukraine to help women and children

The buses are delivering essentials over to Ukraine and then bringing refugees back to the UK

By Logan MacLeod
Tuesday, 22nd March 2022, 4:06 pm

A Northampton business owner has raised a massive £70,000 so far (Tuesday, March 22) to deliver essential supplies to women and children living in war torn Ukraine.

Riverside Hub owner Valentina Potter and her husband Ellis Potter are raising money to fill buses with essentials to help Ukrainians survive the Russian onslaught.

On the return journey, the buses are bringing refugees back to the UK from Ukraine.

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Valentina Potter

Valentina and Ellis are aiming to reach £100,000 in donations via their JustGiving page. Valentina has explained how the process works to transport the essentials over to Ukraine.

The 39-year-old said: "Our aid is getting right through to Ukrainian families who really need help right now.

"Here's how our aid effort works: our Ukrainian contacts buy the supplies needed from Poland, saving precious days of not having to transport goods from the UK.

"A 50-seater bus is then filled with the supplies and driven to exactly where aid is needed. Some of the places we've delivered aid to included a hospital in Slavuta and a relocated orphanage in Vinnytsia.

"The empty bus is then filled with refugees fleeing the conflict and driven to safety in Poland. We're getting aid in and refugees out.

"Every penny of your donation will be spent on buying essential items and transporting them to people that need them now.

"Please get on board and give what you can, however large or small, every penny is very much appreciated. Each shipment is already making a difference."

Riverside Hub has itself donated £20,000 to help out as many people as they possibly can.

On reaching the £70,000 mark, Valentina said: "We've reached £70,000! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. This appalling invasion is still continuing, though, and so many people are suffering every day, so our fundraising continues.

"Your donations really do make a difference. With our Hub Help Ukraine appeal you can see exactly where your donations go.

"100 per cent of your donation will be spent on essential aid. If you can give again, please do. Thank you, Ellis and Valentina Potter and the many Ukrainian people who are hugely grateful for your help."

Two million people have fled Ukraine since the war began in February, but 40 million people are still there.

Valentina, who has family in Ukraine, said: "Women and children are starving, sheltering in basements whilst the fighting goes on above them.

"Their supplies are rapidly running out. Essentials such as baby food, tinned food, nappies and medical equipment are needed urgently. Clothing is not needed."

To donate to the cause, click here.

Valentina was recently reunited with her sister and niece and nephew, who have fled Ukraine to seek refuge in the UK.

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