Nomadic Northampton mum and daughter take on the world together as they ditch office jobs and school

After being made redundant from her marketing job a Northampton mum-of-one thought it was time to jack it all in and become her own boss instead.
The mum-and-daughter travelling duo were lucky enough to spend time with turtles in Hawaii.The mum-and-daughter travelling duo were lucky enough to spend time with turtles in Hawaii.
The mum-and-daughter travelling duo were lucky enough to spend time with turtles in Hawaii.

The 29-year-old, who gave up her rented house in March 2018, flew to Boston with her daughter Nyneave in July for a two-month US road trip stopping in Los Angeles, before heading to Hawaii, Sydney and Asia.

This has all been made possible after Chanel launched her own digital marketing agency last September while she was away.

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The idea being that she can work from 'home' and has now employed five other freelancer working mums as part of her team and agency, Feed Me Social.

Chanel and Nyneave pictured together in Central Park.Chanel and Nyneave pictured together in Central Park.
Chanel and Nyneave pictured together in Central Park.

If one business wasn't enough she has started The Dream Club coaching firm to inspire other women to plan, launch and grow their own online businesses so they can travel the world with their kids.

Driven by a desire to discover new countries, the big trip has always been a dream of Chanel's who spends time teaching Nyneave while on the road - a nomadic trend known as 'world-schooling'.

Chanel believes this way of learning works better for her daughter as she suffers from dyslexia and having their own way of working better suits their lifestyle.

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Chanel said: "We don't have a set routine, no. It's pretty impossible when you are moving all the time and part of this lifestyles appeal is that you don't have to be tied down to any strict routine.

"I am a free spirit and I thrive on change.

"Nyneave follows online classes and now also has some online tutors she works with on English and Spanish."

The jet setting pair are now back from their travels which saw them explore parts of the US in two months including Boston, New York, Washington DC, Philidelphia, Orlando, Atlanta, Texas, Los Angeles - though Hawaii stole their hearts.

"I don't think the things she has learned can be put into words and certainly could not be tested," Chanel added.

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"Nyneave is wise, she can hold her own in a conversation with any adults. She's confident, accepting and knowledgeable of other cultures and traditions. She understands that there all kinds of 'normal' in the world.

"She has also picked up lots of business skills from listening to me coaching other women and is in the process of setting up her own business. I would say it's an amazing one-off experience for anyone and anyone with kids should consider it. Its more possible than you think and the most amazing experience you could ever have."

In October Chanel and Nyneave explored Sydney and Brisbane for two months, New Zealand for one month before heading for Thailand for two months.

But after arriving home in March this year they didn't stay in England for too long and headed off to Turkey and Italy for two months in April and May.

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While Chanel has been back in the UK she finds a roof over her head house sitting all over England but never stays for too long before she plans another trip away - and Mexico is on the cards for October.

"We are looking at this as something that is always part of our lives," she said.

"We have so many friends all over the world and have now heard of even more amazing places we want to explore.

"I think we will do this for the next year or two and then look at maybe cutting it down and having a base back in the UK again. Once she is 18 I guess it's up to her. But I think travelling will always be part of my life. There is just do much world to see."

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