NHS charity 'really grateful' to Northampton tap dancer Jim Price after donations pour in

Jim Price has refound his love for dancing and he hasn't stopped tapping all month.Jim Price has refound his love for dancing and he hasn't stopped tapping all month.
Jim Price has refound his love for dancing and he hasn't stopped tapping all month.
Northampton's tap dancing octogenarian has beaten his fundraising target after 87 people give £1,426

Former medical assistant in the Royal Navy, Jim Price, now of St Christopher's Retirement Village, pledged to put his best foot forward at the start of the month to raise £1,000 for Northamptonshire Health Charity.

The charity - which funds above and beyond what the NHS can afford for Northamptonshire hospitals - has seen £111,353 donated to them during lockdown, which Jim wants to top.

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On July 3, Jim arrived at Broadmead Community Church - where members helped to do his food shopping during lockdown - and he launched his charity month-long danceathon..

A fortnight later, not only has the 86-year-old beaten his target, he has done so by £400 (with gift aid) with two weeks to go.

Alison McCulloch from the charity applauded Jim for his efforts to increase the comfort of staff and patients on Northampton General Hospital's wards after a tough four months.

She said: “Jim’s enthusiasm for his tap dancing has been reflected in the support that the local community have given him with his fundraising as Jim’s fundraising target of £1,000 has been smashed in two weeks.

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"We say a huge thank you to all of you who have donated to keep Jim dancing, we are really grateful."

Jim made pledge at the start of July to freestyle tap dance for an entire month, once every day at his home, to a different song to give thanks to the hospital which has helped him throughout his life.

Jim's love for tap dancing started in the 1960s. After taking part in a charity concert at Overstone Village Hall 60 years ago he was asked to become a member of the Age Concern Entertainers.

Jim was soon entertaining all over the country - including Blackpool Tower Ballroom with one of Frank Sinatra's dancers - without having professional training.

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Never did he think he would beat his target so quickly. He added: "It's amazing, I was not that opertimistic at the beginning because I'm not a trained dancer, I just do it off the top of my head and go with the flow, I don't rehearse anything.

"I'm very happy the way things are going and I'm very grateful to everyone who had donated to my fundraising page and for being so generous." To help top up Jim's pot, click here.