Mum and dad launch Christmas present campaign for struggling Northampton parents

Husband and wife Jessica and Alistair have spent some of their own money getting their campaign Christmas Spirit 2020 off the ground
Jess and Alistair are helping others this ChristmasJess and Alistair are helping others this Christmas
Jess and Alistair are helping others this Christmas

Jessica Young was trawling the shops hunting for stocking fillers for her two children when she came to the conclusion that her youngsters already had more presents than some children could dream of opening on Christmas Day.

Jessica and her husband Alistair saw this as an opportunity to keep buying those extra gifts but to give them to other children in the town instead whose mums and dads, or carers, are prioritising food, paying their bills or putting their heating on.

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There is no need for parents to 'jump through any hoops' to qualify for a gift through this scheme, Jessica said.

"I feel a little bit sad because people feel like they need to explain why they need help," she said. "It's sad, they feel like they need to tell me their story and as a society we have to explain why we can't provide.

"If you are considering heating the home or buying food at the moment then you're not thinking about gifts. Every child should have something to for Christmas and every child who would like a gift should be able to have one. This has been really good for our kids, they are seeing gifts coming in the house that's not for them and it's good grounding for them to give to others.

"So many people have come forward and have said they want to help, which has restored my faith in humanity. I will stop helping when there is noone else left to help, I have not quantified when we need to stop."

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So-far, 25 familes have come forward to ask for help from Jessica and Alistair, who own HDS transport company in Milton Malsor, and live in St James with their two children. Some of the families have even got in touch from as far away as Anfield.

The family is storing dozens of gifts donated to their campaign, called Christmas Spirit 2020, before they are donated to families before the big day.

If you cannot donate a gift, there is an opportunity to give a cash donation so Jessica can buy tailored gifts for children who might have a specific interest.

Or, if you can give your time, there is a need to pack hampers and put together food hampers for families who have requested further help. For more information email [email protected] or message them on Facebook here.

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