Married Northampton couple of 76 years wish EACH OTHER Happy 100th Birthday

Of the 100 years Eric and Dolly have both spent on this Earth, they have been together for 76 of them.

By Alastair Ulke
Thursday, 15th April 2021, 8:10 am
Northampton couple Eric and Dolly Dowdy both turned 100 this week.
Northampton couple Eric and Dolly Dowdy both turned 100 this week.

An astonishing anniversary was celebrated at a Northampton care home this week when a married couple got to wish one another a happy 100th birthday.

Out of the 100 years they have both spent on this earth, Mr and Mrs Eric and Dorothy Dowdy have been together for 76 of them after celebrating their Diamond wedding anniversary in 2020.

But more remarkably, Eric was born on April 11, 1921 - and his future wife was born only the day afterwards.

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The couple have been together for 76 years and celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary in 2020.

And this week, the couple from Cliftonville Care Home were still together to enjoy each other's company on the day they both received their cards from The Queen.

When asked what was the secret to a long life, Dolly said: "My darling, the trick to living a long life is healthy food, with the occasional chocolate treat and a glass of Sherry."

As to what makes a long and happy marriage, Eric said: "I can’t tell you the secret else it will fall apart."

The young lovebirds met at the Royal & Derngate theatre in the 1940s when Eric was an actor and Dolly was a stage manager.

Eric and Dorothy at a dance in 1958.

In fact, Dorothy was Eric’s boss for a period of time before Eric asked for Dorothy’s hand in marriage.

When asked what made her fall in love with Eric, Dolly said: "I was particularly attracted to his smart dress sense and his fabulous sense of humour."

They were married on April 3, 1945, in St Matthews Church on Kettering Road.

They both have a love of Ivor Novello songs which Eric will often sing to Dolly, and have many happy memories of dances they attended and productions that Eric played in at Abington Park and the Racecourse during his career.

Eric and Dorothy on their wedding day in April 1945.

They have two daughters named Carlene and Elizabeth and a son name Matthew. All three children are involved in acting and the theatre in some way. They also have four grandchildren and one great grandchild in total.

At Cliftonville Care Home on April 12, the couple, their friends and staff enjoyed an afternoon of reminiscing, a shared cake and opening cards and gifts from their family.