"It's extremely important to show them some love and support" ... Business owner from Northampton urges public to help African women in need

"We came up with the idea when we saw the staggering number of bras that go to waste every year in the UK alone"

Monday, 12th April 2021, 12:15 pm
Updated Monday, 12th April 2021, 2:26 pm

Two business owners from Northampton are calling on the public to donate their used bras to women in Africa - with a host of professional female athletes already joining the cause.

Fashion company Miskie London has teamed up with the likes of Northampton Town women's football team, England rugby world cup winner Vicky Fleetwood and Harlequins' rugby player Shaunagh Brown to donate bras to help females in Namibia and Angola.

Miskie's co-owners, Leslie McCulloch and George Payne, from Northampton, explained where the cause came from and why it is so important.

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George (far left) and Leslie (far right) with the Northampton Town women's football team

They said: "We think it's very sad how women in some parts of the world are still considered second-class citizens. It is both a disservice to women and the countries they are from, because they aren’t harnessing the potential of these amazing women.

"Women in sub-Saharan Africa can live through harsh, dangerous and degrading conditions; female genital mutilation is prolific in the area.

"Women and girls are often persuaded, or forced, to marry at very young ages with the families incentivised by a dowry.

"They also don’t have an active role within society, rather, they are expected to stay home, look after their husband, children, crop and be obedient.

Harlequins rugby player Shauangh Brown (right)

"It's extremely important for us to show them some love and support by sending our pre-loved bras with a small note to these exceptional and inspirational women."

The owners also explained why they got female athletes to help support the cause.

They said: "We decided to work with the athletes as they are a great example of female empowerment, acceptance and unity. We reached out to them via social media and they were more than happy to get involved."

The pair added: "Have you got some pre-loved bras lying around? You’ll usually find them at the bottom of a draw. Why not donate them to us as a part of our #giveabra campaign in partnership with Change 1’s life, they’ll be cleaned up and sent to these amazing women along with your note. The little things really can make a big difference in someone's life.

England women's rugby world cup winner Vicky Fleetwood

"If you do decide to get involved, be sure to share it to your socials with the #giveabra & caption provided."

For the appeal details and more click here.

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