IN PICTURES: Northampton primary school celebrates 50th anniversary by burying time capsule

“It’s lovely to be able to get the community together”

A Northampton primary school celebrated its 50th anniversary at the end of last month, which saw staff and students bury a time capsule to be discovered in decades to come.

Lings Primary School, whose 50th anniversary was on March 21, brought the community together through a number of events to celebrate the impressive milestone.

Ainsliegh Lindop, a year six teacher and the history coordinator, has worked at the school for the past five years and spoke to the Chronicle & Echo about the exciting time.

“It’s lovely to be able to get the community together again,” she said. “It’s been such a long time since we have welcomed them in such a big way.

“The children have loved it and have been talking about things from 50 years ago. They can’t get their heads around it.”

It was last Thursday (March 28) when the time capsule was buried, with the help of all members of the school council from years two to six – as well as a number of pre-school, reception and year one students.

It was buried outside the entrance under the mosaic, and was live streamed for the rest of the school to watch.

A 70s fancy dress day was held ahead of the school breaking up for the Easter holidays, as well as a party that brought the community together – including the Mayor, the students and their parents, and past and present staff members.

Ainsliegh said the staff share the same excitement as the students, and everyone was thrilled to meet teachers who taught when the school first opened and throughout the 1970s.

There are also current staff at the school who have been there for 25 years, and they too shared their stories and experiences.

When asked how it feels to see the school community come together at this happy time, Ainsliegh said: “It’s fantastic, and fascinating to hear so many children have family members that have come through Lings. It was a lovely way to end the term and go into Easter.”

Take a look at these 16 photos from Lings Primary School’s 50th anniversary celebrations…

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