IN PICTURES: Newly refurbished pub NOW OPEN, with hope of becoming ‘one of the best in Northampton’

Here’s what you can expect if you plan to pay the venue a visit

A newly refurbished pub, which was taken over by three long-standing locals, is now open and hopes to become “one of the best in Northampton”.

The Bold Dragoon, a public house and fresh food restaurant in High Street, Weston Favell, reopened last Friday (November 17).

After around nine weeks closed and undergoing a huge transformation to bring their vision to life, it has felt like a long time coming for the three new owners – Mark Parry, Ian Bishop and Russell Johnson.

It was April last year when the trio took over the venue and gradually started doing it up, before waiting for their final plans to be approved.

Customers can expect the pub to be “very fresh” and the owners have tried to follow a theme linking back to the Bold Dragoon military organisation in the First World War.

Talking about the food and drink on offer, Mark said: “Everything’s completely changed and there’s something for everyone. We’ve got extensive vegan, vegetarian and meat products.

“We’ll have a selection of Heineken as they’re our lead brewer, and Carlsberg products too.”

The venue is also affiliated with CAMRA, meaning any beer drinkers associated with the organisation will receive a discount when they visit The Bold Dragoon.

Seven real ales will be available at any one time, and these will change every so often.

Mark believes it is the “ambience and atmosphere” that will set them apart from other venues across the town, with people having already said they sensed a difference between the trio taking over last April and the closure for refurbishment.

Mark began frequenting The Bold Dragoon 35 years ago and shared that many hoped someone would step in, buy the venue and invest in doing it up, as no changes had been made for around two decades.

Take a look at these 16 pictures of The Bold Dragoon, which is now open following an extensive refurbishment…

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