Here's 18 dogs in Northamptonshire in need of a forever home

Animals in Need appeal for people to adopt one of these dogs

Monday, 16th August 2021, 11:57 am
Updated Monday, 16th August 2021, 12:14 pm
Chico is a 5 yr old Pug X JRT. An experienced home is essential. Chico loves to be out and about exploring so is looking for an active home. His new family will need to be able to undertake ongoing training. He cannot live with cats, and whilst he is good out walking with other dogs, a careful introduction to any dogs he would be sharing a confined area with is essential. It has been noticed that on occasions he can be reactive towards some strangers. He would be best suited to a quiet but active home without children.

Are you looking to open up your home and your heart for an animal in need?

Wellingborough animal charity, 'Animals In Need Northamptonshire' are never short of strays and rescue pets that are in need of loving new homes.

We have compiled a gallery of dogs that the charity have put out adoption appeals for.

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Tikka is a super girl who is very friendly and actually hugs you when meeting you. She has a zest for life. She knows basic commands and loves running and playing ball. She is hugely loyal and listens well. When meeting other dogs she can be over-enthusiastic. She has epilepsy but this is controlled by lifelong medication.

Some of these dogs will require a lot of time and patience because they, unfortunately, did not have the best start in life but the right owner will be sure to allow them to trust again.

Could that owner be you?

If you are interested in adopting any of these animals, call Animals In Need Northamptonshire on 01933 278080 or email [email protected].

Fudge is a quiet 8 yr old girl who just wants a quiet life and an owner to love. She is dog-friendly and walks great on a lead. She will take a little while to trust you. She needs an adult-only home.
Zena and Lola - These 2 Mastiff crosses with huge hearts to match were rescued from an appalling situation of neglect. With various health issues that are being addressed, these lovely girls want a super special home together. They are not bothered about other dogs or sensible older children, but they are not used to cats or smaller furries.
Dotty is a friendly, happy bouncy girl. She is very affectionate. She is active and likes to play. She can be a little vocal and therefore would be best suited to someone who will not often leave her. She walks well on a lead. Dotty is good with other dogs but has not yet been cat tested.
Teddy is a gorgeous 1 yr old boy. He loves everyone he meets, and just wants to hug them. He is a quick learner and knows basic commands – he sits for his food, which he loves! He is dog-friendly and walks on a harness with no issues. He loves to play with his toys.
11 yr old scruffy JRT Bella has a sweet nature and often smiles at you. She is a little overweight at the moment, so will need gentle exercise until she loses this. She has no issues with other dogs. Bella is real cuddle-monster and will form a really strong bond with her person.
Broxi is 9 yrs old and his best friend is Spike aged 6 yrs. Broxi is very laid back, whilst Spike is more active. They both love to curl up on your lap. They are fine with other dogs and sensible older children. Broxi is currently awaiting an appointment with an orthopaedic vet as he has pre-existing problems with his back legs. He is currently on daily pain medication which may need to continue.
Llew is a handsome 9 yr old male. He is a typical Chow – stubborn but loveable. Unfortunately his owner passed away so he is now looking for a 5* forever home. He doesn’t like being picked up. He is dog-friendly but would need careful introductions to any that are smaller than himself. He cannot live with cats. He is wary of strangers.
Beautiful Bella is a 4 yr old happy, super-friendly Lab! She is great with other dogs but has not been socialised with children. Bella has epilepsy but this is controlled with medication. A home experienced with this condition is essential in the event of seizures and the behaviour that accompanies them. Bella will need an active adult-only family who she will be able to accompany most of the time. It was reported in her previous home that she demonstrated a resource guarding behaviour. As her “bed” and/or the space in which she is laying appears to be her trigger, any potential adopter’s home layout will need to be considered and experience with these behaviours would be preferable.
Stanley is a 4 year old crossbreed. He is looking for a loving forever home after his previous family could no longer keep him. He is active and playful. He is dog-reactive but this should improve with continued training. He is housetrained and knows basic commands. He is affectionate but can become anxious when confronted with someone new. He would be best suited to an adult-only home with no other animals.
Stitch is a handsome 4 yr old large Terrier x lad, weighing over 13 kg. He is a busy dog, always on the go. He loves a tennis ball and will play all day. He is generally fine with other dogs whilst out on a walk, however he is not well socialised, he has no manners and is quite persistent with other dogs which can land him in trouble, so a home with no other dogs would be best suited for him. He would not be able to live with cats or small furries. Stitch requires a very active home, committed to ongoing training, mental stimulation and socialising, where he will not be left for long periods as he can be quite anxious. His new family will need to understand holding boundaries – he is not a dog to be picked up and laid on your lap. He will need time to build trust – fuss and affection is essentially on his terms. Stitch will need plenty of time to settle, and have a safe space in the home to retreat to. He will not be rehomed where there are children.
Hugo is an 18 mth old British Bulldog. He is a gentle lad but takes time to trust. He needs a very experienced, patient, understanding home, committed to ongoing training. He will not be rehomed where there are children or other animals under any circumstances.
Rocco is a 1 yr old French Bulldog. He is headstrong and needs a firm but fair family with experience of the breed. It will take a while for Rocco to build up trust. He will need ongoing training. Rocco cannot live with other animals or children of any age.
Marvel is a Golden Retriever X, just over a year old. He started his life in Spain and arrived in England when he was 3 months. Unfortunately, since then, he has had little to no socialisation, therefore he displays some reactive behaviours. Marvel is not good with new people, he will need a family who are willing to visit the shelter multiple times prior to to adoption to make him feel at ease. If he is pushed too far too fast he will react. Due to these behaviours he needs an active adult-only home where he will not be left for long hours. His new home needs to be one with few visitors and have a safe space that he can go to when required. Outside of the home Marvel can be reactive to vehicles, people and other animals. Therefore he is looking for confident handlers with large-breed experience. Previous experience with reactive dogs will also be preferable as he will need ongoing training with this. Marvel cannot live with other animals or children. Once he knows you, he is a truly loving, goofy
Geoff started his life in Romania and is around 2 yrs old. He is a bouncy, playful boy, and although he is very friendly, it seems that he still has some underlying insecurities stemming from his past. Geoff’s new family will need to be confident with dogs and allow him the time he needs to settle in as he can occasionally show some unpredictable behaviours due to fear. He may be able to live with older teenage children if they are experienced with dogs. Geoff is strong on the lead, so will need onging training with this. Although Geoff is good with other dogs, and may be able to live with another high-energy pup, he can be a little reactive when out and about. He has also displayed some reactivity to strangers on walks and can lunge out, so he will need a family who can work with him on this. He will need a totally secure garden, and must wear a GPS tracker. He cannot live with cats or other small furries.
Buster is a nervous boy who will need time to learn to trust his new family. He is looking for a quiet, terrier-experienced home where there are very few visitors. An adult-only home with no other animals would be preferable. He will need a secure garden and an active lifestyle.
Kaylee is a pretty 1 year old girl. The world to her is a very scary place, and she needs a calm family who are willing to take things at her pace, not pressurise her, and help build her confidence. She is a shy, timid lady at first, but once she begins to trust she just beams. She loves to play and run around a secure garden doing zoomies. She is not able to go off lead in public areas as she does have a high chase drive as lots of sighthounds do. She walks well on a lead, she is very gentle and can walk alongside other dogs quite comfortably. She would prefer to be the only dog in the home as she has shown signs of resource guarding of high value items ie bones, long lasting chews etc. She cannot live with cats or rabbits. An adult-only home with NO visiting children is essential.