Have you seen Buttercup the budgie? Appeal launched to find bright yellow bird in Northampton

A mum is asking Northampton to keep their eyes open for the unmistakable yellow and green budgie

Wednesday, 16th June 2021, 12:48 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th June 2021, 12:50 pm
Aamna' cherished pet budgie Buttercup is still missing - have you seen her?

A little girl in Northampton has not given up hope her beloved pet budgie will come home one day more than a year after she escaped.

Last year, 13-year-old Aamna was left heartbroken when her two cherished birds, Ocean and Buttercup, flew away after an accident with their cage in the garden.

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Buttercup the budgie has been on the loose for over a year, but his family still hold onto hope she will come home.

But sadly, Buttercup still hasn't been found.

Now, Aamna's mum Nayla is asking for Northampton help to bring Buttercup home and is asking residents to keep their eyes open for a bright yellow and green budgie.

Nayla says there have been three potential sightings of Buttercup since she went missing last year - twice near the Westone Manor Hotel near Weston Favell and once in Abington Park in June this year.

Nayla is offering a £100 for anyone who can help bring Buttercup home.

Anyone who spots Buttercup on the loose can contact Nayla on 07970 490287.

The two pet birds escaped on May 20 from their home in Fir Tree Walk, in Weston

Speaking about the accident where Buttercup and Ocean got loose last year, Nayla said: "It was an accident. Normally they're very tame and fly around the house and even perch on people's shoulders.

"We put the cage outside for some fresh air, but their cage door hadn't shut properly and no one noticed. We heard a flapping of wings and ran to check but by the time we got there they were gone.

"We all really miss them. They were members of the family."