Double amputee from Kettering climbs to top of Snowdon, raising thousands for charity

"People could see me going up and they were saying 'well done mate', 'you should be proud' - that kept me going."

Tuesday, 29th June 2021, 4:08 pm
Updated Tuesday, 29th June 2021, 4:13 pm

A man with prosthetic legs climbed to the top of Mount Snowdon and raised thousands of pounds for charity in the process.

Tim Tomkinson, of Kettering reached the highest point in Wales on Friday (June 25) along with his partner Nicki Gray, uncle Barry and his partner Maxine Morgan.

The group climbed nine miles to the top in about three hours in what was described by Tim as 'horrendous' weather conditions, which included wind, rain and hail.

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Tim Tomkinson with his partner Nicki, uncle Barry and his partner Maxine

Tim said: "It was hard, there were times when we wanted to give up but we didn't.

"What keep me going was people could see me going up and they were saying 'well done mate', 'you should be proud' - that kept me going. I kept thinking about all the people who have sponsored me and to not let them down.

"The hardest bit was coming back down."

Tim said the idea for his challenge came after becoming a double amputee in 2019 and subsequently receiving help from Blesma: Military Charity for Limbless Veterans.

Tim has so far raised £2,000 for Blesma.

The 49-year-old enlisted in the Army at 16 but ended up being medically discharged after issues with his feet, which caused Tim pain for the next 30 years of his life until he decided to have his legs amputated in 2015 then 2019.

Tim said: "All I've ever known is pain. It's like electric shocks running up and down my legs now.

"I've had my mental health struggles because of it. I've found it hard to deal with over the years. Being in the Army was the only job I wanted. But it wasn't meant to be.

"I wanted to prove to myself I could do this, raise money for Blesma and show other people they can do it too.

"I wanted to raise awareness for other amputees and say 'you can do it, it's mind over matter'. If I can show one person they can do it then it's something."

The father-of-one said he 'couldn't be happier' with the response he has received from friends, family and strangers which has seen him raised vital funds for his chosen charity.

He said: "We've raised £2,000 so far. I couldn't be happier. It's exceeded my expectations.

"My family are elated, all my friends are proud, proud of my partner, Blesma are proud. I couldn't have done it without them.

"The money is going to help rehabilitate people, give people like me wheelchairs, equipment, to help widows and so much more."

Tim wanted to send a message to anyone who are facing difficulties in their life. He said: "Try and look further down the line. If you feel you are going down that path, don't be afraid of asking for help."

The Royal Artillery Association was also in attendance at the bottom of Snowdon and have offered Tim an honorary life membership.

To donate to Tim's cause, click here.