'Devastated' owner appeals for return of missing dog Fuego believed to be in Northampton

Fuego went missing six days after he was adopted by his new owners
Fuego pictured in his adoptive home.Fuego pictured in his adoptive home.
Fuego pictured in his adoptive home.

Katie Roseblade from Duston rehomed Fuego - a labrador cross - on July 5.

Six days later, on July 11 while he was out on a walk, he escaped his harness and ran off.

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Katie, who still has not found her pet pooch, has launched an appeal to get him back to safety.

Owners are desperate to get their beloved pet home again.Owners are desperate to get their beloved pet home again.
Owners are desperate to get their beloved pet home again.

She told the Chron today (Monday): "It would mean absolutley everything to get him back.

"I got two dogs at the same time and my other dog, Gary, is looking at the door and wants him back as much as we do.

"We are absolutley devastated by it all. We are asking people to ring me if they sight him but not to approach him as he will run off."

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Fuego was rehomed after Katie got in touch with adoption centre, 2nd Chance Dogs, in Cyprus.

One of the volunteers from the centre, Mario, is currently in Duston helping the search party to look for Fuego but he returning to Cyprus tomorrow.

Fuego went missing at 8.30am on the corner of Berrywood Drive and Berrywood Road in Duston and is hoped to still be in the area.

The small dog has "a white patch" on his chest and was wearing a red collar at the time he was spooked.

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Wellingborough Dog Squad - a voluntary Facebook Group - is also taking Paypal donations to fund 'feeding stations' in Duston and cameras in the same locations to help spot him.

Katie added: "With the help of Wellingborough Dog Squad and various other professionals we have put up seven cameras in various locations, posters are everywhere and leaflets are being dropped through doors.

"Fuego was caught on one of our cameras last week. This shows why the use of cameras is absolutely vital in our work, the cameras do the work for us, so that we don’t have to disturb

the area or run the risk of spooking him."

Katie is asking for people to call her on 07413032116 if they have spotted Fuego: with details including the location, time and the direction he is headed.

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