Corby hamster reunited with young girl after fire rescue drama

Tammy the hamster had fallen from the first floor bathroom

By Alison Bagley
Monday, 26th April 2021, 11:32 am

A Houdini hamster that escaped from its young owner and made a bid for freedom has been rescued by Corby firefighters using thermal imaging and pet treats.

Kind-hearted members of the crew located Tammy the hamster within the wall, removed the skirting board and then used hamster food to encourage the cuddly creature out.

The successful half-hour operation saw the precious pet retrieved and she was returned to her seven-year old owner.

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A hamster - file picture

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service were called to a small animal rescue on Belvoir Close, Corby at 10.15pm on Friday, April 23.

"Tammy fell from a first floor bathroom to the ground floor. Tammy had escaped and entered the boxing around the wastepipe in the bathroom.

"She had fallen to the ground floor and was stuck behind the plasterboard. Crew used a thermal imaging camera to locate Tammy and a crowbar to remove the skirting board allowing Tammy to exit the wall cavity to freedom.

"They removed the skirting board in the property and enticed the hamster out with hamster food.

" [The] fire crew were on the scene for 30 minutes and were happy to reunite Tammy with her owner."