Anglian Water donated more than £100,000 across Northamptonshire during the pandemic

More than 35,000 people have benefitted from the funding pot across the county

One of the Groundwork events funded by Anglian Water
One of the Groundwork events funded by Anglian Water

During the first lockdown, Anglian Water announced their plan to establish a £1 million community support fund to help locals and their emerging needs.

Over a year later, the funding has helped over 150 community organisations and over 100,000 individuals across its region – including 35,000 people across Northamptonshire.

More than £100,000 has been donated to different causes across the county.

“I’m proud we’ve been able to make even a small difference to so many people,” said Anglian Water’s Chief Executive, Peter Simpson.

“No one would have believed at the beginning of 2020 what a different world we’d be living in just 12 months later.

“All our lives have been affected by the pandemic in some way.

“As one of the biggest businesses in the East of England, we made a commitment to support our local communities through this difficult time.”

The company worked in collaboration with 15 community foundations, which helped local charitable organisations deal with rising issues caused by the threat of coronavirus.

The Positive Difference Fund helped food banks and outreach programmes offer extra support to those experiencing financial hardship, hunger and lack of shelter – as well as health issues, loneliness and isolation.

Peter added: “Our work is not done as we begin to emerge from the pandemic.

“Alongside the Positive Difference Fund, we’ve been working to support our customers in the best way we know how – by keeping taps running and toilets flushing – because access to water for health and hygiene has never been more important.”

Money from the Positive Difference Fund helped Care and Repair Northamptonshire continue supporting vulnerable homeowners with handyman jobs, home improvements and safety checks – particularly those with long term health conditions, on a lower income and older people.

This ‘invaluable contribution’ allowed 600 people to stay safe, secure, warm and independent at home.

It also allowed Groundwork to run their ‘Better Together Hub’ Covid response service, which supported 2,000 people.

Their work included running a series of events at The Green Patch, their community garden, such as meditation, pilates and mosaic making sessions.

Sue Williams, Coordinator of the Better Together Hub, said it’s been ‘wonderful seeing family generations come together’ and it’s been ‘lovely to feel the buzz of laughter, chatter and happy people’.

“The willingness of companies like Anglian Water to step in and support the communities they work in is absolutely vital,” said Rosemary Macdonald, CEO of UK Community Foundations.

“As we move forward, partnerships like these will have an ever more crucial role to play in supporting the people and places most impacted by the pandemic.”