Parish councillors brandished philistines after painting over beloved chicken bus stop in Northamptonshire

Residents are up in arms about a parish council's decision to paint over a popular bus stop, which was graffitied by anonymous artist, 'Binty' otherwise known as the Banksy of Northamptonshire.

Wednesday, 3rd May 2017, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:43 pm
The before and after pictures were taken of the bus stop on the Harpole Turn.
The before and after pictures were taken of the bus stop on the Harpole Turn.

But the artist, who has also spray-painted the famous chicken in other locations such as London and Dubai, has confirmed that she is happy to repaint the much-loved artwork situated on the A45 if Harpole Parish Council gives her the green light.

One resident is even supporting the reinstatement of the Binty chicken on the bus stop at the Harpole Turn and is asking for people to email in their objections so they can be voiced at the next parish council meeting.

The artist known as Binty said: "I feel sad but I was more shocked that so many people commented [on Facebook]. I would love to paint over it again.

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"I have children and I want to paint stuff to make people smile and spread happiness."

The artist, who wishes to remain anonymous, drew a chicken one night - with wellies on - and after gaining her daughters approval she decided that she would paint the chicken to showcase her talents.

Since the paint job, over 500 residents have taken to social media to voice their disapproval.

On Facebook Adele Harding said: "Harpole people all want it, so if we are happy to see it, then leave it alone, please. It's something happy and quirky to talk about for once."

A spokesman for Harpole Parish Council said: "The bus shelter is the responsibility of Harpole Parish Council and a situation developed whereby the cleaners were having to deal with the after-effects of people urinating and defecating in the shelter.

"The parish council felt that best way to combat this was to open out the shelters and resolved that the front curtain walls be removed. At the same time, windows were installed - which effectively removed the chicken. This work took place in December 2016, so the chicken hasn't been visible since then.

"The parish council subsequently resolved that the shelters should be painted, and also given an anti-graffiti glaze. The issue will be further discussed at Harpole Parish Council's next meeting on May 8."

All objections can be sent to Sarah Billings at [email protected]